Best Gaming Chair of 2022 | The 5 Best Gaming Chairs Review

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As Gamers we tend to put a lot of Thought into our computers graphics Cards processors monitors and Accompanying cases but we frequently Overlook the chair Hello guys in this video we're looking At the five best gaming chairs of 2022 And if you want more information we'd Also put the links in the description Box down below thanks Starting our list with number five we've Got the best office racing share The best office racing chair already Screams comfort and style it Sports a Race car style design with the headdress And lumbar support but it's thicker Compared to some of the other budget Shares on the market and it doesn't even Look like a budget gaming chair at all For the most part the cheap gaming share Auctions under 100 are all really just Cheap office chairs that have a little Bit of color added to them however the Best office racing chair actually Maintains the same racing style design That you've likely seen on higher end Gaming chairs While the best office racing chair isn't Going to provide you with the most High-end chair possible it's not a bad Option in the under 100 price range it Has most of the options you'd expect out Of a gaming chair is covered with Breathable premium P Leather the chair

Is equipped with freely adjustable Lumbar support and headdress pillow to Protect your spine and neck while the Adjustable reclining feature allows Users to lock in any reclining position From 98 for 155 degrees a seat is 20.9 Inches and 27.8 inches wide with a Weight capacity of 250 pounds and even Comes with a footrest that pulls out From beneath the seat and perhaps the Most important feature of the best Office racing chair is the fact that While there are wings that come off the Side of the seat base the cushion is Tall enough to where it eliminates any Kind of serious bucket in the seat and That means you won't feel as restricted By the bucket seats sitting in this Chair ultimately if you're looking for The best gaming chair but you don't have A ton of money to spend the best office Racing chair is a cheap option that will Work decently for now however over you Probably shouldn't expect it to serve You well as a long-term sitting option Next with number four we've got the ewin Champion gaming chairs The Ewing Champion series stands out From the rest of the gaming chair Market With a competitive price tag for just a Little over three hundred dollars the Champion series comes with the types of Features that you'd expect to find on Higher end gaming chair

For starters the champion series Foregoes the traditional bucket style Seat that many gaming chairs come with And instead Ops for a flatter seat base This will make it a more comfortable Option for more significant users The ewin prime interior high density Foam puts it well above the standard High resiliency foam engineered to be Two times heavier than regular foam per Cubic foot inching it near the realm of Memory foam the elasticity of the phone Helps prolong the Comfort life of the Chair and adds to the overall durability Of the product The champion series also comes with a Multi-tilt mechanism 4D adjustable Armrests and the adjustable back angle From 85 to 155 degrees with a Max load Of 400 pounds In the end while the e-win champion Series isn't the best overall option on The market but if you are working with a Bit tighter budget it is probably one of The better value options currently Available so if you're looking for the Best gaming chair for about 300 then the Champion series would be worth checking Out Next up at number three we've got the Secret lab Omega gaming chair Secret Labs Omega Edition gaming chair Is essentially a mini version of their Bigger Titan Evo series chair with the

Same adjustment options as well its Armrest can be adjusted up and down side To side forwards and backward and at an Angle and just let the Titan Evo the Omega can also recline back to a maximum Of 165 degrees as well as a tilt at its Base the base can either be unlocked so That the chair can rock back and forth Freely or can be locked at a zero angle Or at a tilted angle as well again the Omega is smaller than the Titan Evo and It is intended for smaller users its Maximum height capacity is 5.9 inches And its maximum weight capacity is 240 Pounds however secret lab does have a Recommended weight of 175 pounds in fact I'm sure this share could easily hold Someone 200 pounds and hold up well over The long run the Omega also comes with Both a vellor head and neck pillow and a Vellor memory foam lumbar support the Only real problem was that the lumbar Support pillow is not attached to the Backrest in any way so on occasion when You would move around to adjust in the Seat the pillow would slip down and you Have to reach back to readjust it Overall though if you have a smaller Body type and you're looking for high Quality gaming chair the secret lab Omega is definitely worth considering At number two we got the DX Razer Master Gaming chair In the market for high-end gaming chairs

DX razer's master module series of Chairs represents yet another Dependable Option available to Consumers The master module series is available in A total of three different color Configurations which include all black Brown and maroon respectively these Color configurations are listed in order From the lightest to the darkest the Improved 5 Star base that is included With the master module series enables it To support consumers weighing up to 353 Pounds as a result the series is Designed to accommodate customers and This specific model has the ability to Recline all the way back to 135 degrees Much like the other seats in the master Module series from DX Razer in fact all Of the seats in this Brand's lineup have This feature in addition similarly to The secret lab Omega the master module Features built-in lumbar support that Can be modified in addition to 4D Armrests that are included as standard Equipment the seat and back of the chair Are upholstered in microfiber leather Rather than PU leather which depending On your preferences could be a benefit Or could be a drawback for you In the end however due to its higher Price tag fewer color schemes or Styles And lack of different size options it Does not quite have enough to unseat the Sacralab Titan Evo coming up next as our

Pick for the best gaming chair this is Because the Titan Evo offers a wider Variety of color schemes Styles and Sizes The last product on our list is the Secret life Titan Evo gaming chair The secret lab Titan Evo 2022 series is Available in a ton of different color Schemes and upholstery Styles the chair Is available in secret Labs Prime PE Leather their soft beef Fabric and Genuine nap a leather there are multiple Color schemes available for each Upholstery style as well including Plenty of special edition options The standard edition Evo chair has a Maximum capacity of 290 Pounds however The larger Edition share can hold up to 395 pounds so the nice thing about the Titan Evo is that there are multiple Sizes to accommodate any size user one Of the biggest pluses of the Titan Evo In my opinion is the Comfort it offers Racing style gaming chairs get a lot of Heat for being all gimmicks and for not Offering a quality sitting option but From my experience in city in the Titan Evo not only is it comfortable but it Offers incredible support as well it has A lumbar support adjustment knob so Rather than using a pillow for lumbar Support the lumbar support is built Directly into the chair The chair also comes with a vellor

Pillow and has a strap that goes around The back so that you can put it around The top of your chair and adjust it to Fit your needs The Titan Evo also has multiple tilt Features including the ability to Tilt At its base and recline the back of the Seat the backrest can recline to a Maximum angle of 165 degrees and the Base tilt feature can be unlocked which Allows the chair to rock back and forth Or locked into a variety of angles Ultimately if you are looking for the Best gaming chair for around 500 then I Highly recommend the Titan Evo 2022 Series thanks for watching that's all For now and hope all of you guys enjoy The video thanks [Music] Thank you [Music]

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