Best Floodlight Security Camera of 2023 | The 5 Best Floodlight Security Cams Review

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While home security cameras of night Vision can show you what's happening in A backyard floodlight cameras on the Other hand can both show and tell that Rascal or raccoon to get off your lawn Scaring them away with powerful lumens And blaring with Sirens Hello guys in this video we're looking At the five best floodlight cameras of 2023 And if you want more information we also Put the links in the description box Down below thanks Starting our list with number five we've Got the wise cam floodlight Wise came out of the gauge strong with a Great floodlight camera that costs less Than half as much as the competition the Side of our house looked like an Airport Runway when this 2 600 lumen Blaster was Turned on moreover unlike all the Competition the wisecam floodlight Offers sound detection which is very Useful to highlight anyone trying to Creep through the bushes while Potentially out of range of any motion Sensors As with most of the cameras wise uses Both the passive infrared and a camera Based motion sensor which means the Camera doesn't have to be in the range Of motion for the lights to turn on wise Offers 270 degrees of motion sensing Which is the widest range of motion

Sensing on offer the icing on the cake Is that Y is built in a second USB port So you can power a second wise cam put It around the corner to get a different View Even though the wise cam is cheap you Will need to pay for a subscription plan If you want smart alerts from people Packages vehicles and animals although 12 seconds of motion recording Clips are Free there's a five minute cooldown Period between them when a camera won't Record anything so unless you pay up for The unlimited length Clips you could Miss some vital action Zoom on the 1080p resolution wise is Nowhere near as good as the other cam on This list but the starlight Sensor-powered night vision is superb This uses any available light to Illuminate a dark scene in color and Could see more in that mode than with The floodlights turned on the wise cam Also has a louder siren than the Yuffiecam 2 Pro coming up next but both Cameras can pulse the lights to scare Off anything creeping around as a bonus There's the option of local storage by Adding an SD card which enables free Continuous video recording To conclude as with all wise gear smart Home integration outside the wise Ecosystem is limited you can still Stream footage to Google and Alexa smart

Displays and have Alexa announce if the Motion is detected but you can't control The lights with either voice assistant And you don't get individual control of The floodlights outside of the wise app Overall as it is Compact and features a Passive infrared and a camera based Motion sensor the wise cam floodlight is One of the best budget security cameras That you should think about Next with number four we've got the Yuffie floodlight cam 2 Pro The UV km2 Pro is full of features and Powerful performance it offers Impressive recording capabilities an Outstanding collection of customizable Options and versatile smart assistant Support among other useful features The cam 2 Pro is equipped with powerful Human detection functionality as well as An ip65 weather resistance rating and Compatibility with both Alexa and Google Assistant The floodlight has a 100 decibel Emergency siren eight gigabyte of Internal storage and the ability to add Other Storage Solutions like cloud Storage or network attached storage Beyond the features the cam 2 Pro is Just darn good at being a smart Floodlight it can record detailed 2K Quality video often illuminated by Lights that offer 3000 lumens of Brightness the cam 2 Pro can also rotate

360 Degrees allowing users to completely Survey their surroundings The only downsides of the cam 2 Pro is Its limited installation options those Who invest in the cam 2 Pro will be Forced to perform a hardwired Installation whereas some competitors Offer a battery-powered option Even with the lack of installation Options the km2 pro possesses a Combination of high-end features and Top-notch performance that's hard to Beat To sum it up the UV cam 2 Pro comes with A view range of 135 degrees which is Able to save good portion of the yard While we could also interact via the Camera's two-way audio voices sounded Tinny and it was difficult to hear People outside if they were not speaking Directly to the camera but the motion Detection and design make it one of the Best on our list Next up at number three we've got the Eve outdoor cam For those with privacy in mind when it Comes to installing cameras in and Around their home the new EVE outdoor Cam is your best choice it's the only Camera on our list that works with both Apple home kit and home kit secure video Which doesn't send video to the cloud to Be analyzed instead doing it all locally On an Apple TV or home pod Mini

Eve is Compact and spelled it was so Small it didn't completely cover the Electrical box for the light it was Replacing it has a good solid feel and The housing is aluminum it also looks Much less like a mall surveillance Camera than many of the competition Its video quality is very good Especially during the day images were Bright and clear and only a little Pixelated when zoomed in at night while The light on the image was a little Muddy we still could make out faces Clearly enough the regular night vision Was very good though But home kit limits the eve can to 1080p Videos and adds a slew of smart alerts Including people packages animals and Vehicles you can also Grant access to Your Apple photos library and get alerts When it recognizes people Facial recognition and package alerts Which aren't offered together on any of The other cameras make this a good Camera to set up by your front door it's Also not super bright as in it won't Blind visitors but it will light up the Scene well enough to see what's going on There is a brightness boost mode that Adds an extra bump for 30 seconds if you Did want a stronger floodlight overall There is no built-in siren or 24 7 Recordings and you have to pay for an ICloud plus plan to view any captured

Clips but there is two-way audio which Was very good and you can use the light And motion sensors separately in home Kit to trigger automation At number two we've got the ring Floodlight cam wired Pro Ring's latest Floodlight camera is essentially a ring Pro 2 video doorbell camera mounted Below high-powered 2000 Lumen adjustable Lights this is a good thing as the ring Pro 2 is arguably Ring's best camera yet And while the birds I view in 3D motion Detection features that come with the Ring floodlight cam wired Pro had Limited value the quality of the 1080p Resolution camera and its horizontal and Vertical field of view means you get a Really good Vantage over your property Ring's digital Zoom is also excellent And the bumped up siren is the loudest One at 110 decibels you can't trigger The siren on motion but there is the Unique to ring option to add an audible Motion warning that tells Prowlers there On camera we also like that this camera Can be powered by a wall plug or Traditional junction box wiring but we Would always recommend hard wearing if You can This floodlight cam comes with the Option of 5 gigahertz Wi-Fi and it comes In Black if you prefer there is no local Storage although ring has said this Camera will get compatibility with the

Ring alarm Pro that has a local storage Option but you need to pay for a ring Protect plus plan to use that While this is our top pick for Alexi Users because ring as a whole integrates So well with its parent company smart Home ecosystem Sadly you can't control the Rings flood Lights through Alexa either with voice Or in routines you can view a live feed On Alexa enabled displays but you have To use the Ring app for all light Control Here you can adjust three motion zones For the lights and you can also put the Lights on a schedule adjust the Brightness and Link ring devices so that If a ring camera on one side of the House detects motion it can turn on the Flood lights on the other side Overall if you use a different smart Home system from Alexa give the ring a Pass as it only works with Alexa however If you were just starting on your smart Home Journey the Ring app is fast Becoming a smart home platform of its Own especially if you add a ring alarm Or ring alarm Pro to your setup The last product on our list is the Arlo Pro 3. if you want something with a Motion activated siren and better smart Alerts the Arlo Pro 3 floodlight camera Is our favorite pick it has by far the Best video quality and offers HDR

Imaging with its 2K resolution the 12x Digital Zoom lets you get up close and Personal with that rascally raccoon and It has the option to auto track and zoom You have to pay for zoom and track However in general with Arlo you need to Subscribe to its Arlo secure service to Get any functionality out of its cameras When you paid ubit people animal vehicle And package alerts the option of Continuous 24 7 recordings and Rich Notifications As the Arlo can be battery powered you Can mount it anywhere you need to and Add a solar panel for sixty dollars more To keep it Juiced but that does away With one of my favorite features of Floodlight cams reliable continuous Power Arlo has the other option of Continuous power but you need a nearby Outlet and an additional purchase of a Power cord to connect it does not Mount To a standard outdoor junction box and Isn't a great drop in upgrade for an Existing non-camera floodlight Despite the camera's smaller size the Light is very bright and more than Enough to light up the entire back patio It's the one camera we tested that has The option to pulse its light to scare Off Intruders and you can set its 8 Decibel Sirens to go off on motion Unlike some Arlo cameras the Pro 3 Floodlight camera doesn't require an

Arlo Hub but it can be used with one to Help with range and extend battery life If you want the home kit compatibility It offers you will need that Hub which Costs 100 more unfortunately it doesn't Provide home kit secure video or the Option of local storage on the Hub there Is just no way around better than an Arlo subscription overall the Arlo Pro 3 Does work with Google home and you can Stream video in the app and on Nest Smart displays it also works with Amazon Alexa and Samsung SmartThings and you Can control the light separately from The camera which is Handy thanks for Watching that's all for now and hope all Of you guys enjoy the video thanks

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