Best Desk Setup Ep. 28 – These Laptop Setups are too Clean!

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So welcome back to their best laptop Setups video this is episode number 28. Huge shout out to the winner of episode 27 Anthony everyone loved your setup You're getting a 100 Amazon gift card And I've also chosen a commenter who's Also getting a 100 Amazon gift card now What's really surprised me is a lot of People didn't leave their Tick Tock or Instagram usernames it's free money so If you want to win a hundred dollars as Well drop your username in the comments Section below and you might win a Hundred bucks now this week we got some Great setups and the first one is coming From Chris and he has a very simple and Clean setup There's Nothing Fancy on Here but it's clean it's functional and It's a great place to work he's rocking The M2 MacBook Air it's the base model And he has this attached to a Dell S2421h monitor I'm assuming it's a 24 Inch monitor I really dig that laptop Stand I'm not sure where it's from but It looks like a Grove made laptop stand Possibly it matches the color of his Desk which is this nice brown color the Speakers are the Logitech z33 speakers He's using a keychron S1 mechanical Keyboard This is a fantastic device and His Mouse is a Logitech but it's not the MX Master which I'm sure we'll see later In this video besides that everything Else looks good he has an iPad there his

Cable management looks to be pretty Solid he has a little bit of RGB in the Background his books are nicely Organized overall a fantastic setup the Second setup comes from hanif he's from Germany he's a photographer he's a Student he works at a pharmacy and this Setup is for a little bit of gaming some Light work and of course planning and Editing overall I dig the look of this You know it's not fancy it's just a Laptop sitting on the table but it's the Space around it that he really nailed it Looks super clean and there's two Vibes Going on here when it's the daytime and The RGB is off it feels like a clean and Functional setup but as soon as he hits Those Drapes and he throws them down or it Gets dark outside the neon lights come On the RGB is cranked up and it feels Super retro the laptop of choice is an Acer Aspire 7 with a 17 inch screen and It's using a GTX 1050 he says he games On this but he must be playing some Older titles because the 1050 is just Not that capable he does have an iPad in The corner he has a couple of Logitech Speakers I love the pegboard in the back And I love how you have it organized it Is so clean and functional you have a Combo touch keyboard that you say you Use a PlayStation controller you also Have a Rubik's Cube headphones picture

Everything it just looks very very good Look it doesn't need to be fancy you Don't need to have a 42 inch monitor on Your desk in fact he has no monitor at All he just uses his laptop but I love How he stores it when he's not actually Using it because it gives him the entire Desk space if he needs to do something Else setup number three comes from Fabio He's from Italy I like the look of this You know it's nothing fancy or schmancy But it's like in the corner upstairs Somewhere you can tell by the slanted Roof it feels like a cozy place to sit And work at he's using an older laptop Which is the Lenovo thinkbook G2 ryzen With a 4300u but he does have it Connected to a bigger monitor a 24 inch Samsung display it's 1080p but it gives A more visual real estate to work with Now he does have a Debbie design mouse Pad and his laptop usually stays in Front so you can utilize two screens he Does sometimes put it away and brings Out a keyboard which happens to be the EPO maker ep84 which is a mechanical Keyboard he does have a rapu m300 silent Mouse but he also has a Logitech g403 Wired Mouse his headset is from Corsair It's the void Elite wireless headset and The headphones he uses are the xiaomi Air 2 SE speakers on the sides are very Budget friendly they're the Logitech Z313 now granted I like the fact that he

Has a pegboard on the right hand side it Keeps his little things like his Controllers and wires organized this man Is rocking the calendar I dig it water Bottle to the top right he has a shelf To house his monitor on but that desk Was actually made by his father metal Base with a wood sheet on top you can Tell he they they stained it black a Little plant in the corner overall a Very beautiful setup the next setup has To be a troll like the user's name in His email is Mike Matt and it's nothing But a laptop on a table like technically You could call this a setup but Personally I think Mike Matt is trolling He wants to flex that he was dumb enough To buy an Alienware x14 and overpay for A gaming laptop when really he could Have bought a G14 or even a blade 14 and Got faster performance I get it you're Rich Mike I get it you are you have air Pods on the table you're rocking the Latest version of MX Master Mouse and You're even buying overpriced water now This setup comes from Daniel he's a Professor in fact I know he's a Professor immediately because he started The email as dear Matthew modes most People just say hey Matt here's my setup Put it on the show right but anyways This guy's been using a ThinkPad for Over 20 years and he just recently Switched to Apple and when I saw this

Setup I could tell right away a Professor was using it granted though I've seen a lot of Professor setups his Is very nicely organized most professors That I know have books and everything All over the place so I do respect the Fact that he keeps everything nice and Clean even his desk is an old antique Look you know it's brown it's clean There's regular storage and then when You look at the background he has his Books nicely organized in a shelf the Room is absolutely clean he has some Natural light coming in which I really Do appreciate it's so simple there's no RGB there's nothing trying to overcome This setup it is what it is you know I Like the fact that he has a big big Monitor on a monitor arm this is the Dell 34 inch wide screen or Ultra wide Display and then he has his MacBook on The right hand side which happens to be A MacBook Pro 14 and then he has a mouse Pad he's rocking the latest MX Master 3s Mouse I told you we would see one in the Setup and then there's a Logitech MX Mechanical keyboard with a wrist rest He's using the Apple Mac safe charger Apple iPad Pro he's using the Logitech Brio webcam which I think is 4K he Obviously does a lot of Zoom calls and He takes it very seriously as he is Using a Blue Yeti microphone he has some Budget speakers in the background but

Obviously he's not using this to watch The latest movies or anything but more So just for regular audio let's say on YouTube now this setup comes from Bernhard he's from Austria and overall It's not a bad looking setup but I feel Like it just needs a couple of tweaks You know first of all I like the fact That he's using a sit stand desk he's Using the Ikea Edison and then he has Two Alex drawers and then for the laptop Of choice he's rocking the Acer Aspire With a AMD ryzen 5 4500u CPU he has this On a laptop stand which shares the arm With the monitor stand now he does have Two speakers on the left and right hand Side there's a xiaomi light bar on top And then of course just like the Previous guy he's using a Logitech MX Master but he's rocking it with a kikron K4 with brown switches but I feel like It's a bit disorganized on the outsides Like he has an iPad there there's a Bunch of knickknacks on top of the Alex Drawers he has some water a Kleenex box It just feels like it's pouring out of The sides and just needs to be tied it Up a bit also I'm not a fan of where the Painting is placed because it's a Vertical painting and because it's so Reflective it just doesn't go with the Setup what I would do is get a Horizontal painting and place it just Above the monitors going across or you

Can get three paintings that go across The wall and that will fill up the space A lot nicer having one long vertical Painting just looks kind of off and There's a lot of reflection happening There which must annoy you while you're Working on the computer during the day And the final setup comes from Psy he is From the Philippines he's an Agricultural business student and this Is what he has for 2023 the cool thing Is he was able to fit this inside of his Dorm like what kind of dorm rooms are These kids getting these days when back In my day it was like a closet and you Had to share it with 14 men like it was Ridiculous this is like spacious he has A proper desk setup is everything he Needs but I dig it you know like he has A black and white thing going on with Some soft RGB in the background which Happens to be the color white which just Adds a glowing effect to the entire Process he's using a white desk I'm Assuming it's from Ikea and then he has A MacBook Pro I5 the 2019 model on a Laptop arm and then attached on another Monitor arm is a big widescreen monitor It's the sync h29 which is 29 inches Happens to be 2K and 75 Hertz and then He has two speakers which are also Mounted from edifier these are the R1080bt overall the Aesthetics Completely match and it looks really

Really good he has a massive mouse pad Going across the desk he has uh fear Fierces tn50 ergonomic chair his webcam Is from Red Dragon he wrapped it with a White vinyl headphones are the Logitech G733 wireless headphones Mouse is the Techware Pulse Elite Wireless and he's Using a custom Tom 680 wireless keyboard The PC in the background not very Important since we're focusing on Laptops but I do love the look of this He managed to make everything float and You guys know how I feel about Everything floating it just gives it a Unique look and a cool feel to the Entire setup all right that wraps up Episode number 28 of the best laptop Setups let me know your favorite one in The comments below it makes my life Easier when I have to pick the best one Also don't forget to drop your username Regardless of whether it's tick tock or Instagram so that you could potentially Win a hundred dollars as well like the Video if you liked it subscribe if you Haven't already and I'll see you guys in The next one

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