Best Budget Android Phone 2022 – Top 5 Best Cheap Smartphones 2022

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Flagship phones are more expensive than Ever but as the high end gets better so Tooed is the budget Market it’s possible To buy a new handset under 250 dollars And still get a phone capable of Handling everything you throw at And here are the top 5 best budget Android phone of 2022 for you today you Can buy it at the link in the Description below the video [Music] Number five Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro 5G starting from 160 US dollars [Music] At the cheaper end of the spectrum Budget phones usually compromise on one Or more key specifications but at a Glance the xiaomi Poco M4 Pro 5G appears To have everything A follow-up to last year’s Poco M3 Pro 5G it’s got a huge 5 000 milliamp hour Battery that promises to see you through The day A big 6.6 in full HD Plus display with a 90 Hertz refresh rate [Music] A camera with a 50 megapixel wide and an 8 megapixel Ultra wide sensor up to six Gigabyte of memory and up to 128 Gigabyte of storage and all for a very Low price starting at 160 dollars As the Poco M4 Pro 5g’s name implies 5G Connectivity is thrown in two meaning

You can enjoy a faster browsing and Streaming experience provided you’ve got A compatible SIM and requisite network Coverage And some eye-catching finishes make this A compelling fit for those after a touch More fluidity in their user experience Foreign 166 US dollars Samsung’s gotten its budget phones down To a science as such the Galaxy s03s Isn’t a whole lot different from the Galaxy a zero twos that came before it Still got a 720 pixel LCD display at 60hz it’s still got the same set of not Very good cameras and it’s still running Android 11. but there are a few notable Differences Chiefly while the Galaxy s02s had no Fingerprint sensor the azero threes has One built into its power button which Means getting into the phone is less of A hassle It’s also about three gigabytes of RAM [Music] Samsung also made the switch from a low End Snapdragon chipset to a low end Media Tech One That probably won’t matter much for Performance though and Samsung’s still Promising four years of quarterly Security updates from the phone’s us Launch which means it should stay secure Into 2026. if you already have an azero

Twos the a03s probably isn’t worth Upgrading to It goes for 160 dollars which is thirty Dollars more than the zero twos cost and The most significant difference is the Addition of a fingerprint sensor But if you’re on an older phone that one Difference will likely be worth buying The azero threes over its predecessor [Music] Number three On plus n25g starting from 240 US Dollars [Music] Onplus might have lost some Goodwill Among Android die hards in recent years But the company still makes a mean Budget phone The Norton 25g costs all of 299 dollars But it still has decent performance Thanks to its Snapdragon 695 chipset and six gigabyte of RAM It’s got an ip52 rating which means They’ll survive some rain and it charges Up to 33 Watts with the included charger It also has a striking design for a Budget device It’s got typical cheap phone problems Its cameras are mediocre and with an all Plastic body build quality isn’t stellar But it’s priced right and they’ll get Android 12 eventually plus three years Of bi-monthly security patches That’s more than a lot of phones in this

Price range offer officially the phone Is only fully compatible with T-Mobile It’s not certified for 5G on at TNT or Any service at all on Verizon But if you’re on T-Mobile or at TNT if You don’t care about 5G the N20 is a Fantastic option [Music] Number two Foreign 5G 446 US dollars [Music] Samsung’s a 53 5G has every chance to Become its most popular phone if it’s Galaxy A52 5G predecessor is any Indication and with a good reason Samsung lowered its starting price to Just 449 US Dollars first off the Galaxy F53 comes with a premium look and feel To it it also features a 6.5 inch Display Super AMOLED plus full HD Measures 159.9 by 74.7 by 8.1 millimeter and Weighs 189 gram Furthermore there’s the quad camera Setup featuring a 64 megapixel main Sensor a 12 megapixel Ultra wide sensor A 5 megapixel def lens and a 5 megapixel Macro lens Samsung retains the older model’s IP67 Rating for dust and water resistance Making it stand out from the competition The new exynos

1280 soak delivers budget performance so Those looking for a good gaming phone Will have to look elsewhere It’s 5 000 milliamp hour battery lasts Two days with casual use Samsung does not offer a charger in the Box but the phone supports 25 watt fast Charging Charging speeds are slow when compared To the competition [Music] Number one Google pixel 6pa starting from 350 US Dollars The pixel 6 is an eye-catching phone for A few reasons for one the price Impresses with what’s essentially a Flagship phone clearly undercutting what You’d expect to be the rivals from Apple And Samsung There’s the design too though dominated By a jetting camera bar the pixel 6 Doesn’t look like anything else on the Market well except it’s pixel 6 Pro big Brother and the aesthetic is nothing if Not divisive it’s pretty big and heavy Too so won’t suit anyone hoping for a Small phone The pixel 6 features a vibrant 6.4 inch And an OLED panel complete with a 1040 By 2400 resolution and 90 Hurst refresh Rate This should mean output should be rather Smooth and colors look especially great

You’ll also be getting a beefy 4 614 milliamp hour battery to offer you Some good battery life and a dual 50 Megapixel and 12 megapixel camera that Should be able to get you some Raider Detailed shots indeed Inside you’ll find their all-new Google Tensor chip an 8 gigabyte of ram which Should be Snappy enough for both Day-to-day tasks and any more intense Tasks you want to put the thumb through A choice of either 128 gigabyte or 256 Gigabyte of storage also gives you loads Of capacity to store any apps or photos Or videos you take [Music] Foreign [Music]

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