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Working from home is considerably more Relaxing and productive when you have One of the best all-in-one printers in Your home office not only will you be Able to print documents photos labels And other things with ease but an All-in-one printer also lets you scan And copy stuff as well Hello guys in this video we're looking At the five best all-in-one printers of 2023 and if you want more information we Also put the links in the description Box down below thanks Starting our list with number five we've Got the HP Officejet 3830 all-in-one Wireless printer The HP Officejet 3830 is a great Entry-level printer with a decent Standard of 60 sheets capacity this Best-selling printer has a flatbed Design for scanning and copying and it's Built in faxing functionality allows for The storage of incoming faxes even after Paper runs out the printer can store up To 99 pages of fax and memory and has a Fax printing speed of 20 pages per Minute its impressive functionality Ranks it as the best all-in-one printer You can get especially if you want to Stick to a tight budget the all-in-one Printer performs quite well compared to Many of the other choices in its price Range it spots an automatic document Feeder that allows you to load multiple

Documents into the feeder for scanning Or copying all within one operation It also lets you print in black or white If the color cartridge is empty though You can only do this for a short while Before you have to replace the color ink Cartridge it has a print speed of 8.5 Pages per minute at work but this scales Down to 2.7 pages per minute for color Photographers will be happy to hear that The HP printer can print borderless Edge-to-edge photos as well Design wise the HP Officejet 3830 is Compact measuring just 8.5 by 17.2 by 14.3 inches which doesn't take up that Much space on your work desk regarding Connectivity it doesn't have ethernet Support but it works through a Wi-Fi Network connection or a Wi-Fi Direct Connection from a mobile device like a Smartphone you could also decide to Connect it to your PC through a USB or Print through either Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud Print Overall the HP Officejet 3830 is a Decent choice that guarantees top-tier Print quality at a price that won't hurt Your pocket it comes with HP photo Creation software and drivers for photo Editing and produces good looking photos On HP photo paper it's only shortcoming As the lack of ability to print or scan Both sides of the paper in one operation But other than that it's a good business

Inkjet for low volume work Next with number four we've got the Brother Mscl2710dw monochrome laser printer this Laser printer is a speed demon boasting Print speeds of up to two seconds per Page a 250 sheet capacity paper tray for Fewer refills and 50 sheet Auto feeder This makes it a solid choice for busier Offices and paper intensive Professionals who regularly combat Presentations or create and deliver Reports this printer gives you a great Cost per page thanks to 30 pages in a Minute The unit size is above average weighing Almost 30 pounds and measuring 16.1 by 15.7 by 12.5 inches made taller by a Large scanner lid and has up to 50 sheet Automatic document feeder to save time With multi-page scan copy and fax apps Supported include air print Wi-Fi direct And Google Cloud Print which allows for Quick document retrieval from various Cloud services without having to email Them directly apart from Wi-Fi other Connectivity options include ethernet Interfaces and you can also connect Locally via its USB interface paper Feeding is also solid using a straight Through manual feed slot and rear paper Exit to prevent creasing The color representation is pretty solid With clear and crisp black text on White

Pages although some shadowed areas were Slightly darker than expected color Scanning speeds could also fare a bit Quicker below average versus our other Picks however this may be forgiven with A 250 sheet capacity that limits the Number of manual refills if you are not Pressed for Speed and this could be the Best label printer you have been looking For Next up at number three we've got the HP Envy 555 The HP nb5055 wireless printer is a Pocket friendly easy to use alternative That delivers good print quality and Allows you to copy and scan it has a 2.2 Inch mono touch screen supports duplex Auto Printing and works with the HP Smart app for printing through your Mobile device Design wise the HP Envy bear is a modern Look that is sure to fit well with your Home's interior Decor its top lid holds A scanner that lifts up to allow for Copying and scanning but since it Doesn't have an automatic document Feeder option this helped to maintain Its small figure The HP Envy measures 5 by 17.5 by 14.4 Inches and is controlled through its 2.2 Inches monochrome display though some People might take some time to get used To the small screen we found it to be up To the task and easy to use

In terms of performance this HP printer Functions at a print speed of 10 pages Per minute for black and white printing And seven pages per mint for color Printing a lot of people would consider The HP Envy as having relatively low Print speeds but then again this is to Be expected from in-ship printers being A photo printer the HP Envy churns out Very high quality prints with Vivid Color thanks to its 1 200 DPI print Resolution In terms of connectivity the HP printer Is capable of connecting to Wi-Fi Networks and has support for third-party Apps such as Apple AirPrint and the HP Smart app unlike the HP 3830 however the Printer does not have fax functionality Overall the HP Envy 5055 is more than You need to be able to print scan and Copy from the comfort of your home with Its compact size and features like Wi-Fi Borderless printing scanning and more it Can handle most small print jobs Assuming you only have low volume Printing needs the HP Envy 5055 is great For your home-based daily use At number two we've got the brother Mscj491dw The brother Mfcj491dw is an all-in-one printer that Allows you to print scan copy and fax And it's also a great tool to start off Your small office with this is

Definitely a top-rated inkjet printer if You're trying to save a few bucks The brother ancient all-in-one printer Works at 12 pages per minute for Monochrome prints and 6 page per minute When printing in color It might be slower than most but its Automatic document feeder can allow you To leave up to 20 sheets for the printer To process as you carry on with other Work the Brother printer completes both Copying and scanning tasks in under a Minute per page and it supports Automatic duplex printing to help you Save up on paper To be honest plenty of other Laser Printers look a lot better than this Color inkjet but if you value function Over form this shouldn't be an issue the Brother ink measures 6.8 by 15.7 by 13.4 inches weighs about 18.1 pounds and Has a very crowded control panel next to The large set of buttons is a 1.8 inch Color LCD screen from which you can Access details about your ink cartridges And see how your jobs are going the Printer's connectivity options are also Diverse as it supports ethernet and Wireless connections and a USB Connection to a PC in the end we found The Brother printer pretty easy to use And we advise you to get it if you don't Have very large printing needs Especially it comes with a one year

Limited warranty The last product on our list is the Canon ts5120 Wireless all-in-one printer The Canon ts5120 is a compact and Lightweight printer that has a simple Yet attractive design the inkship Printer measures 14.2 by 16.8 by 5.8 Inches and weighs 14.3 pounds making it Easy to carry around It comes in either black or white and Has a 2.5 inch display that isn't a Touch screen despite this the Canon Ts5120 printer has a wide range of Connectivity options as it can connect To a computer via USB print from a Mobile device through Bluetooth or Connect to a wireless network It could also work with a Canon print App for both Printing and scanning and Supports Google Cloud Print but Unfortunately it doesn't have ethernet Connectivity The Canon ts5120 is a home-based printer That is among the least expensive in its Category it's a free function printer That features an auto duplexer for Two-sided Printing and can hold two High-yield ink cartridges It prints at 8.3 pages per minute when Dealing with text prints and 2.4 pages Per minute when printing mixed graphics And text documents The ts-5120 copy and scan speeds are Also not disappointing it makes a color

Copy in about 29.3 seconds and 14.4 Seconds for black and white the All-in-one printer delivers great print Quality when printing text documents and Also has both front and rear paper Feeding ability which brings its Standard sheet capacity 200 sheets All in all the ts-5120 wireless inkjet Is a great printer for all-around Printing when at home and its affordable Price range doesn't give you any reason Not to purchase it if you don't want to Spend too much and still want good value For your money you won't go wrong with This ts-5120 printer from Canon Thanks for watching that's all for now And hope all of you guys enjoy the video Thanks [Music] Foreign [Music]

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