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What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Back here again this is going to be a Quick one but recently I'm posted some Images of their upcoming Loki x86 Powered handheld device over on their Official Discord and overall I'm Actually really digging what they've Come up with here now initially when This was announced basically I think What they did was just kind of take the Odin Pro which is an Android handheld Gaming device and kind of just Rebrand It on their website but they're stating That this is going to be the official Look of all of their Loki's across the Board so we've got a black and a white Version to choose from and if you're Familiar with this upcoming handheld you Know that they've got a bunch of Different variants that they're going to Be releasing but what they're stating Right now over on their Discord is this Is what they're all going to be looking Like and real quick just a fast Refresher so uh if we take a look at the Ledger here over on their website we've Got the zero the mini the pro the Loki And the max when it comes to the Loki Zero obviously this is going to be the Lowest end model with an AMD 3050e we Only get four gigs of RAM with this and It seems to be only running in single Channel we've seen this kind of Performance before and cheaper laptops

Another handheld released recently this Year with this same chip it's definitely Not a super powerful chip but uh yeah This will be a cheap handheld if they Can hit that 199 dollar price tag we Also get a six inch IPS display Moving over to the Loki mini this is Going to be powered by an AMD Mendocino Apu now this does have rdna2 Graphics But we have a lot less cores recently I Picked up a laptop did a video on it With a Mendocino chip it was a ryzen 3 Version and overall performance isn't Bad as long as we can keep that TDP up They state that this will have usb4 and They really haven't announced exactly What Mendocino chip this is going to be Using there are a few on the market Ryzen 3 and ryzen 5 but given the price It may be the ryzen 3. overall it Actually won't be a bad handheld if they Can keep that price down we get 8 gigs Of RAM 128 gigabytes of storage and a Six inch IPS display Moving up to the Loki Mini Pro with this One they have two different CPU options We can go with Intel Alder lake or a Mendocino chip and we're basically Looking at the same kind of specs here From the Loki mini to the Loki Mini Pro 40 watt hour battery six inch IPS Display 8 gigs of RAM but we've got the Option here for that Pentium 8505 lower In chip but this is going to be great

For emulation They've also got the Loki with that 6600u and this is the one that I'm most Interested in I've done a lot of testing With the 6800u handhelds personally I Haven't tested any handhelds with the 6600u I've been able to get my hands on A laptop and performance is great not as Good as the 6800u but I'm really Interested to see what this does in a Handheld form factor Few different storage options you can Get with this 128 256 512 6 cores 12 threads it's got usb4 so we Could connect an egpu to this you can Pick it up with 8 to 16 gigabytes of LP Ddr5 running at 6400 megahertz or you Can just go all out with their Loki Max And this one is going to be their top Dog coming in with that ryzen 6800u 8 Core 16 threads USB 4 a 6 inch IPS Display up to a 512 gigabyte m.2 SSD And as long as we can get sufficient Power to this and keep it cool enough It's going to be a really great Performer Now along with the other renders they Released on their Discord we've got a Few more here kind of the overall layout Of the new Loki and we've also got a Nice overview of all the externals here So I'm thinking that we're going to have RGB around those analog sticks and on The sides and if we take a look around

Back we are getting those two extra Buttons M1 and M2 it looks like we might Get an LED right there where the vent is Uh RGB or LED I'm not exactly sure right Now I'm leaning towards the side of RGB I think that's what they would go with But when it comes to overall interfacing We've got a single USBC connection and It's really going to depend on the chip Or the unit you choose between USB 3.2 Or usb4 something like that 6600u and The 6800u can definitely support usb4 Therefore we could actually plug in an E-gpu here but some of the lower end Variants like specifically the Athlon 3050e it's only going to be USB 2 no Usb4 for that one but either way I've Actually been really excited excited About this handheld given the price and Form factor and when it comes down to it I'd like to know from you guys which one Are you thinking about getting are you Thinking about picking up the low end You're going with the mid-range there With that Mendocino or even that Intel 8505 or you're just going to go all out With the 6800u personally I do love the 6800u but I'm thinking about scooping up The 6600u little less power but it's Something we really haven't seen in a Good handheld yet but that's going to Wrap it up for this one I figured I'd go Ahead and make a quick video now I'm Pretty sure we're going to get a lot

More information soon from Ein on the New low-key so uh definitely keep an eye Out on the channel and my community Section and like I mentioned let us know In the comments below which one you're Interested in most but like always Thanks for watching

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