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Be it game optimizations or driver Updates we're definitely seeing some Really great performance out of Cyberpunk 2077 on this new ham hat What's going on everybody it's ETA Prime Back here again today we're going to be Taking a look at the all-new eye and Neo Geek and this is one I've definitely Been excited about and if you're Familiar with these eye and Neo devices You know that I and Neo recently Released the eye and neo2 well actually It started shipping from Indiegogo Orders and we're finally starting to see The ieneo Geeks now when it comes down To it this is a lower cost version when You compare it to the ineo 2 but there Are some major differences and one of The main things here is kind of the Overall design and the display itself They're actually offering these with two Different display models you can pick it Up with a 1200p display or an 800p Display I just happen to have the 1200p Display here and we've got very minimal Bezels here but it's not bezel-less like The eye and the O2 and that's really how They kept the cost down on this but one Thing that wasn't held back on this was Performance because it's actually using The same chip we've got the ryzen 7 6800u paired up with the Radeon 680m Igpu based on our dna2 2 and overall we Should see about the same performance

Between the Ionia 2 and the ineo geek Overall loving the design here we've got That seven inch 1200p display like I Mentioned they do offer an 800p model Which will come in with obviously a Lower resolution but the overall look And feel should be the same and I really Do like what they've done with this new Handheld inside of the Box along with The handheld itself we're going to get Some accessories here we've got our Charger which happens to be a 65 watt Fast charger some different region wall Adapters a USB type-c cable and two USB Type-c to full size USB adapters this is Just going to make it really easy to Plug different things into the handheld Itself because all we have here are Three USB type-c ports on this unit Taking a look at the overall device Starting at the bottom here we do have Dual stereo speakers it also supports a Micro SD card and we've got a 3.5 Millimeter audio jack here for plugging In our headphones plus this USB type-c Port is actually USB 4.0 moving around Top we've got a fingerprint front sensor Volume rocker two more USBC ports one of These is just USB 3.2 the other is Another usb4 Port so we can plug in an E-gpu to this device and obviously we've Got our shoulder buttons and Trigger Buttons now these are using Hall sensor Triggers so we've got full linear

Control over them and these really help Out for racing games especially when it Comes to rally racing or drifting we've Got full control over the brake and the Gas with these and one thing I always Love seeing on these handhelds is a Little bit of RGB around those analog Sticks we've got it on both sides here It's fully controllable from software And the analog sticks do utilize Hall Sensors in fact these are using the big Hall sensor joysticks so uh it's just Like a real full size controller here we Don't have to worry about any kind of Dead zones or drift down the road with This whole sensor technology d-pad Actually feels really great some of my Favorite d-pads on the market have been From Aya and on the eye and neo2 one of The best d-pads that I've ever tested so We'll have to take a look at this one Also but I got a feeling it's going to Work out just as well all over here on The right hand side obviously a b x y We've also got a home button right Underneath that dedicated Ayah button And all of these can be remapped from Software but when it comes to this Aya Button it's going to bring up ispace at Any time and from there we can control The brightness volume TDP fan control Everything we need to control the Functions of this handheld is built into Ispace

And finally taking a look around back We've got a lot of ventilation here for That built-in cooling system but we've Also got a little more going on and That's really the ergonomics of the Whole handheld itself this thing is Actually really comfortable to hang on To they've specifically designed the Rear Palm rest here to be very Comfortable while doing long play Throughs and it's not just the rear Palm Rest that make it really comfortable It's actually the whole design of the Handheld itself from the side swoops Over here they actually refer to it as The baby sleeping position the way it's Shaped when it comes to the specs of the Ineokie for the CPU we've got that ryzen 7 6800u this is based on Zen 3 plus We've got 8 cores 16 threads a piece Clock of 2.7 gigahertz and a boost up to 4.7 like I mentioned this is using the Same chip as the imeo 2 so performance Between the two should be basically the Same the GPU is the Radeon 680m it's Based on our DNA too we've got 12 Compute units and it'll run up to 2200 Megahertz you can get the ineo geek with Either 16 or 32 gigabytes of RAM but Both of them are going to be using LP Ddr5 running at 6 400 megahertz I have The 32 gigabyte version here it uses a Pcie 3.0 m.2 2280 SSD and it will Support a double-sided SSD so we don't

Have to worry about you know sourcing Out a large single-sided SSD we've got Plenty of room in here it's got a 7 inch 1200p IPS display 400 nits of brightness 323 pixels per inch 135 srgb and I've Had a lot of questions about this Basically when you go over 100 it's a Little more saturated and personally I Love a little more saturation I think it Looks great here we've also got a color Temperature of 6600k so we've got a Really nice cool tone to it a 50.25 watt Hour battery with 65 watt quick charging Capabilities and you know battery life Is really going to depend on how hard You want to push the device we can run This at a bunch of different tdps on This Apu here and we can net anywhere From you know an hour of gameplay up to Four and a half hours of gameplay really Depends on how hard you're going to push It we've got Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 And right out of the box this is running Windows 11 but you could always install Linux and they do have IOS on the way Hopefully I can get my hands on it soon Uh there's some internal testing going Right now it would be really nice to Show it off but in the future I do plan On installing Steam OS 3 on this so Definitely keep an eye on the channel And real quick I wanted to go over this In case you were thinking about picking Up the 800p version of the I Neo geek

Just to keep the cost down a little more It also has a seven inch display but We've got a lower resolution coming in At 1280 by 800. pixel density will be a Little less also coming in at 219 pixels Per inch it's got a bit more brightness Coming in at 500 nits but srgb is only At 95 percent I was really eager to jump into a little Bit of gameplay so here's Forza Horizon 5 and I can show off these triggers here Now my favorite genre of game is racing It could be arcade simulation having Those analog triggers or linear triggers Is a must in my opinion just gives us Really nice control over that throttle And Brake at any given time and by the Way we're at 15 watts on the TDP 800p Medium settings we can get an average of Around 70 FPS but I do like pushing These handhelds a little more so I've Just taken the TDP up to 27 Watts we're Now at 1200p medium settings no Fidelity Cast no FSR and we can get an average of Around 68 to 69 FPS out of this game Like it is right now with Fidelity Cass Or FSR you're going to get much higher Out of it in fact with FSR set to Balance the 720p medium settings we can Average around 90 FPS out of this game So like I mentioned very comfortable Handheld to play for an extended period Of time it kind of just sinks right into Your palm here now obviously we're

Running Windows we've got a touch screen Here but uh one of the main features With these Aya devices is is space we've Got a dedicated button over here Pressing it once is going to bring up Our mini overlay we can change the Brightness we can change the volume we Can choose from a few different fan Profiles and even GPU clock profiles but One of the main features is TDP control So while in game all we need to do to Change that TDP is open up ispace we've Got three presets and we've also got Kind of a custom preset here so a total Of four power saving is 11 Watts balance Is going to be 15. game is 22 and pro Mode is fully adjustable so we can Actually go down to 5 watts and up to 33. 33 is pushing it a bit for that Battery I mean the cooling system will Definitely handle it and it opens up the 6800u but with Pro mode I have it set Around 30 Watts but most of the time I'm In game mode When we long press on the i a button It's going to bring us directly into is Space and from here we've got a game Launcher which will download metadata And artwork it kind of scans through all Of the regular directories and finds What games we have we can start our Games up directly from here and it comes In really handy so we don't even have to Get into another front end but uh going

Up to assistant is where we can get down To the nitty-gritty and I have recently Released a few new apps we've got fan Tech and this will allow us to control The fan we can go from you know one Percent all the way up to a hundred Percent but the one I really like is Their new smart fan mini app so this Will give us a curve and we can fully Customize this curve we can set up a few Different profiles and you can set this Exactly how you want it if you want this Thing to be a bit louder but stay a bit Cooler you can do it from here or you Can rely on the presets that are already Here and to tell you the truth I haven't Had much trouble with the presets they Have we've also got a full control suite For the handheld itself from here we can Customize the buttons we can customize The analog sticks we can recalibrate the Analog sticks we've also got vibration Intensity control we can go from low to High I usually have it set around medium We can recalibrate the buttons and Joysticks and there's full instructions Here on how to do it this is kind of a Key combination we need to get into Calibration mode I personally haven't Had to do it with any of the handhelds I Have yet Burst Mode this is actually a really Cool feature for the geek basically it's A single button macro setup we can set

Up a multi-key command per button if you Want to and that way you could set up Special moves for just a single key and Of course we've got RGB control for the RGB around those analog sticks there's a Few presets that we have here we've got A breathe RGB Loop give it a second to Initialize and it'll just breed through The RGB on the analog sticks here and You know having these presets is great But I really just like having a static Color on each of the analog sticks you Can kind of swap it out to any color you Want on each of them kind of make it Your own I think it looks really good in The black with that blue and purple I Think it kind of sets It Off So yeah iospace has a lot of Customization and a lot of tweaking that We can do with our eye and Neo devices And it's come a long way since the first Iteration they're always adding new Features here for different handhelds And in fact the fan mini app that we Took a look at was just added a couple Days ago Time to jump back into some gaming and Here we have Mortal Kombat 11 medium Settings 1200p this is a very well Optimized game I know it's been out for A while but it's still super fun to play And it works very well on these apus Even the 5000 series at low settings Connect you some pretty decent

Performance but on the imeo geek in game Mode we're at 1200p medium running at a Constant 60. oh next up Spider-Man Miles Morales and you know if you've ever Tried this on an APU you know how hard It can be to run it's just kind of all Over the place with these integrated Graphics and in-game mode at around 21 To 22 Watts 800p low settings we can get Over 60 on average now we still get a Few dips under 60 and hopefully in the Future we get a few more optimizations Specifically for this game but it does Run quite well Next thing I want to do is test out this D-pad so we've got Street Fighter 5 1200p medium settings love the feel of This it feels just like the one in the Imeo 2 which I mentioned earlier is my Favorite d-pad I've ever used on one of These handhelds so we've basically got The same thing here great feedback it's Got a nice roll to it and you know I use This mainly for fighting games but when It comes to like Platformers you're Gonna be good to go with this d-pad it's Very accurate yeah Next on the list We've Got Dirt 5 800p With a medium low mix we can average 63 FPS out of this game and it's definitely Looking a lot better than it did a few Months ago even on the 6800u and I think A lot of this has to do with newer Driver updates from AMD but either way

You look at it we're getting some great Performance out of this game And of course we had to throw cyberpunk 2077 in the mix 800p steam deck preset FSR set to Performance we can get an Average of 66 FPS out of the 6800u and Remember we're in game mode right now With the TVP so we're right there at 22 23 Watts if you take that up it's going To net you a lot better performance with Cyberpunk 2077. I also wanted to test out Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and we're using Recommended settings this game is Actually really awesome about kind of Getting the settings correct for you but You could always go in and tweak it We've got a lot of stuff that we can Mess with we're still in game mode and We averaged 92 FPS but if you take a Look at that low it's sitting at 24. so There is some tweaking that I need to do With this game now I did test single Player just to see how it performed and I locked it at 60 really good experience But I always like running this Benchmark Because there's just kind of a lot more That goes on in it Since the ayaneo geek has usb4 I also Want to do a quick egpu test but I do Plan on making a full egpu video with This because I've got some interesting Findings here now usually when I run an Egpu I'm going to run it on an external

Monitor using either HDMI or DisplayPort From the video card we're using but I Did want to show you that it works on The internal screen also it's going to Cut down on the performance by quite a Bit and that's the main reason I always Like connecting directly to the GPU with An external monitor but even on the Internal display here with that RTX 3060 God of War 1200p ultra settings we can Net an average of around 78 FPS so External gpus are also working with the Ineo geek Now I've had a lot of time to spend with The eye and the O2 the white one on the Bottom and you know the big main Difference that you're going to see Right off the bat is the bezel-less Display now with the eye and Neo geek That I have we've got the 1200p display So they are very comparable except the Fact that we've got some bezels here Another key difference would be the Handles or where your palm rests go Round handles on the eye and neo2 we've Got the geek handle design on the ineo Geek the two supports a pcie 4.0 m.2 SSD The geek only supports 3.0 and the two Also has a much better haptic system Built in it's actually got the same HD Rumble Motors that the Nintendo switch Has so it does feel a little better you Know if you're talking about haptics but Really when it comes down to it

Performance is going to be exactly the Same between the both of these devices So if you did end up getting the geek And you were worried about missing out With the ine02 Just note that you're Going to get the same performance that The two is put now I will tell you that I do like the feel of the geek over the Ineo too I just like the ergonomics here Does feel a lot more comfortable to hang On to for long periods of time but uh That bezel-less display on the two does Look really good and these aren't too Noticeable given that we have a whole Black design but you know side by side You can really tell the difference but That's going to wrap it up for my first Look at the eye Neo geek I've got a lot More testing than I want to do with this And I've got a few more videos planned We're definitely going to do a full Emulation showcase video that'll be Coming soon I also want to get some egpu Testing out of the way and if there's Anything else you want to see running on The eye of Neo geek let me know in the Comments below one thing I've been Really thinking about was just Installing steamos 3 or steam deck OS on This so yeah I mean if that's something You want to see let me know but that's Going to wrap it up for this one if You're interested in learning more about The ineo geek or even the imeo 2 I'll

Leave some links in the description and If you enjoy watching videos like this Make sure you hit that subscribe button And think about turning notifications on So you know when I post the next one but Like always thanks for watching

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