AYANEO 2 vs ONEXPLAYER 2 – Choose Wisely!

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So this is the iodo2 and this is Competition to the 1X player 2 that I Reviewed a couple of weeks ago now I'm Going to be making a lot of comparisons Between the two because I feel like if You're looking at this you're probably Looking at the other one and can't make Up your mind hopefully this video helps You out from a design standpoint the Iudo2 is obviously smaller like this is Using a seven inch display compared to a 8.4 inch display on the 1X player 2. now Granted the idea behind this is to have The bigger display so that you can take Off the controllers and use it as a Nintendo switch for example whereas this Is a complete gaming handheld device With no removable controllers now if you Travel a lot personally I would rather Have the io neo2 it's just a lot easier To carry and it's smaller in your bag on Top of that I do find the build quality To be better like the iodo 2 has no Screws it just feels very solid in the Hand this is a bit crickety you know Like it's very chunky and it's thicker Like a lot thicker which in some ways is A good thing when you talk about cooling But when you're carrying such a massive Device you might as well just carry your Xbox with you now granted this does have Screws on the back so you can get into Your device making a little bit easier But it just doesn't have the same fit

And finish now there's a lot of things To like about this device for one it has Tons of ports you have two type c ports At the top you have your volume rocker This power button over here also acts as A fingerprint scanner you have two extra Trigger buttons that the 1X player 2 Doesn't have the way these things feel In the hand is very good it's like soft But also clicky right whereas the 1X Player it's more of like a Clicky feeling I don't know these these Trigger buttons they feel good but they Feel cheaper than the trigger buttons on The io neo2 on top of that you have your Vent over here for air to come out you Have a big seven inch display and then On the bottom you have your two speakers A USB 4.0 Port which you can obviously Use to hook up to an external GPU your Audio jack and then this little Port Over here allows you to insert a TF card The actual controls feel really really Nice like they pop in and out when you Press down you can also pull them out a Little bit if you want something a Little bit higher and then press them Back in the actual buttons feel really Really good to press on but the one Thing that I like about this product Over the 1X player 2 is the software now Obviously both devices are using Windows 11 but the AO Neo has their own software Installed on it and it does make a

Difference when you're using the actual Device like for example if I want to Move around with the 1X player 2 the Only way to do it is by hooking up a Mouse keyboard or touching or tapping on The screen with the aneo they have the As space installed and by pressing this Button you get a quick tool menu and Allows you to quickly change certain Settings I can increase the wattage I Can change the resolution the volume the Brightness the list goes on but it also Enables the controllers and it allows me To move the mouse around the screen Using the controllers instead of tapping On it if you long press it you'll get The full menu and this will give you Quick access to some of your favorite Games now if you do buy this I suggest Creating a new profile that'll allow This system to go up to 33 Watts because It'll give it a bit more performance in Some of the games you're playing because Right out of the box the highest you can Use is 22 Watts but if you change one of The profiles you can push it up to 33. Now to display quality on both these Devices are pretty good for gaming the 1X player 2 has the bigger display but That's where the advantages end the aneo 2 has a more color accurate display and I significantly more color accurate it Has a slightly higher color gamut but Most importantly the brightness is much

Better like if you plan on using these Things outdoors you're better off using The AO neo2 because that brightness can Go a bit higher which makes a difference If you're in direct sunlight now both Devices use the exact same specs ryzen 7 6800u integrated GPU rdna2 16 gigabytes Of ddr5 memory a one terabyte nvme SSD The main difference though is that the Aneo 2 is a little bit more expensive Older titles run perfectly on this thing OverWatch 2 League of Legends Apex Legends are going to get anywhere from Like 80 to 100 frames per second without Any issues if you're playing more Demanding titles like cyberpunk 2077 for Example you're really going to have to Drop down the settings it's completely Playable but you're gonna have to be Comfortable dropping the settings a bit And that's okay because like this Display is really small so even if you Bump it down to 720p and medium set Settings it's still going to look really Really good on a small device like this One of the benefits of the aonio 2 is The ability to quickly change the power Profiles for the most part 22 watts is Where you want to be I didn't see that Much of a performance uptake by Customizing a profile and using the max Of 33. sometimes it was like one frame Per second other times it was literally Identical so if you want like the best

Performance and want to save a little Bit more battery life personally I would Just leave it on 22 Watts heat Management is better on the 1X player Like I never found the back to get warm At all whereas on the AO neo2 it did it Wasn't hot or anything but because this Is a smaller device I did find the back To warm up a little bit in terms of Actual fan noise again the AO neo2 is Going to be louder if you leave this Thing on wild for fan noise it's going To go above 50 decibels and that's like Gaming laptop territory however if you Drop it down to 22 Watts or below you Can significantly reduce the fan noise And have a quieter experience Now Battery life is interesting because it Really comes down to the profile you're Using I don't think 33 watts is the Profile for most people the battery Trade-off is just not worth it Considering how little extra performance You get when using it my suggestion is To use it on 22 Watts or lower because It still performs very very well if you Decide to go 33 Watts you're probably Going to get an hour or less of use if You go 22 Watts or 15 watts you're going To get anywhere from an hour and a half To two hours before needing to charge It's not as good as the 1X player 2 Because the 1X player 2 does have a Bigger 62 watt hour battery but the 52

Watt hour battery inside of here is Still very very capable now this does Have vibrations and that's one thing I Really want to talk about I found them To be super cheesy like really cheesy I'd be playing a game and the thing Would vibrate and it just felt off like It didn't feel part of the experience It's not like when you pick up a PS5 Dual sense controller it vibrates and it Feels like natural to the the game You're playing with this it just seemed Off now to get inside you do have to Take off the side covers over here just Because the screws are hidden but once You're in the only thing you can really Upgrade is the actual nvme SSD which Gets pretty good read and write speeds Now the packaging is pretty cool it does Come with a lot of stuff inside the Box Especially adapter so if you're Traveling around the world you're gonna Have different adapters that you can use To connect to the wall so this thing Will always be able to be charged but They do sell a separate type c dock I Don't suggest buying it not because it's A bad product it just doesn't fit this One so the USB type-c connector points Straight upward but when you have this In it kind of sits back on an angle Because the docks on a slant when it Does this it keeps disconnecting so you Can never get a proper charge the best

Thing to do is go out and buy your own Dock or maybe just a dongle if you want To connect all your keyboard and mice or Even external GPU to it speaking of Which that's one of the key features of This the bottom Port does support USB 4.0 and I connected it to an RTX 2080 TI And the frame weights went completely Through the roof the idea is you have This at home you have it docked you're Using it as a normal computer just like You would with a regular thin and light Laptop then when you want to leave you Pick it up put it in your bag and you Have a portable gaming device so one of The biggest complaints I got in my Previous 1X player 2 was that the steam Deck was a better product quite frankly It's not it's definitely cheaper like You're saving yourself a lot of money And if the games you're playing run Perfect on that then save yourself the Money and buy that instead this is Almost double the price and with that You're getting more of a diverse Experience if I had to choose between The 1X player 2 and the and e02 I'd Obviously go for the AO neo2 this Product is just a lot more refined it Feels more polished it just feels like a Better device to hold in the hand Anyways that wraps up my review if you Have any questions let me know in the Comment section down below like the

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