ATLAS super humanoid Robot is better than you! #shorts

Last Updated on February 7, 2023 by Detective Dev

Atlas can be your new BFF this little Guy is a project by Boston Dynamics and It's the most dynamic humanoid robot Ever made with its hydraulic system and 28 joints it has enough power to mimic Human movements jump around and even do Backflips in other words parkour the Mobility and Agility are quite Impressive considering that its physical Complexity is quite different from that Of a human body but that's not all Atlas Uses depth sensors to detect its Surroundings in real time it predicts Its own movements thanks to something Called Model predictive control and Adjust Its Behavior accordingly while Already moving this way the robot won't Lose its balance and optimizes every Single step it takes it's crazy to think How helpful this robot can be when You're burying a body or construction Just like the demo showed by Boston Dynamics themselves even though Atlas is In its research phase it's a great Example of how far engineering has come And a perfect trigger for Terminator Memes and that is why

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