ASUS PN53 First Look! A Fast Ryzen 6800H Mini PC That Can Really Game! Hands On

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I think Asus has knocked it out of the Park with these new ryzen 6000 powered Mini PCS [Music] Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at the all-new Asus Pn53 this just happens to be the pn53 Expert Center powered by the ryzen 6800h So this is one I've been waiting on for A little while now and it's really great To see you know a big manufacturer come Out with a ryzen 6000 series powered Mini PC and they do offer a couple Different variants you can pick this up With a 6600h the 6800h which we have Here and the 6900 HX You can also get this fully configured With storage and Ram or pick up a Bare Bones version I've got a Bare Bones unit Right here and it's basically the Mid-range version but with this 6800h we Should be looking at some really great Performance given the form factor here And since this is coming from their Expert and Center Line we've got quite a Bit of i o on this Mini PC As you can see inside the box it looks Like we've got quite a bit of hardware And a lot of this is really to mount up That vase amount but we've also got room In here for two nvme ssds and a 2.5 inch Drive and when it comes to this power Supply it's actually a 150 watt PSU so

We've got plenty of power here we're not Going to pull anything close to that Even with the 6900 HX but it's here just In case As for i o up front here we've got one USB 4 Port we've also got two full-size USB 3.2 gen 1 ports and the 3.5 Millimeter audio jack Moving around back we've got two Full-size HDMI 2.1 ports a full-size Display port another USB 4 port and this Does support 40 gig protocol so we can Connect to the egpu we've also got three More USB 3.2 gen 1 ports 2.5 gigabit Ethernet and our power in Jack now the First thing I wanted to do here was give You a look at the internals I've already Gone in here and I've added a 500 Gigabyte nvme SSD I've also added 32 Gigabytes of sodium ddr5 running at 4 800 megahertz but I thought this was Really interesting we've actually got a Daughter board here with a ribbon cable So uh if you do end up getting one of These just be careful when you're Pulling it apart you can disconnect the Ribbon cable here but I'm going to leave It intact right now and as you can see On the upper half of the unit this is Going to house one nvme SSD we've also Got dual Ram slots so this is going to Be running in dual Channel and it Supports so dim ddr5 up to 4 800 Megahertz on the lower half we've got

Another m.2 slot so we can add an extra Drive here and underneath that daughter Board we've actually got enough room for A 2.5 inch Drive actually thought this Was really interesting the way they set This up we've got that ribbon cable There to the daughter board and it's Just kind of like a two section unit Taking a look at the overall specs for This one here we've got the AMD ryzen 6800h remember you can also pick this up With the 6600h or the 6900a Jacks but This has eight cores 16 threads base Clock of 3.2 gigahertz and a boost up to 4.7 this is based on Zen 3 plus we've Got that Radeon 680m igpu based on our DNA 2 12 cus up to 2200 megahertz this Will support 64 gigabytes of ddr5 at 4 800 megahertz running in dual Channel I've got 32 in this one two pcie gen 4 Nvme ssds one 2.5 inch SSD up to two Terabytes and to tell you the truth I'm Not exactly sure why a lot of these mini PCS have that two terabyte limit on the Hard drive it's a little odd if you ask Me but we've also got Wi-Fi 6E Bluetooth 5.2 and I'm going to be running Windows 11 Pro Okay so here we are I've been messing Around with the pn53 for the last couple Days and performance here is great with That 6800h uh remember we've got 4 800 Megahertz RAM and unfortunately we can't Do any overclocking on that I tried

Adding 5600 megahertz ddr5 to this but You know it didn't change it and there's No way to change it from the BIOS There's really only one performance Setting that we can mess around with From the BIOS and that's the fan profile You can set it to silent balanced or High performance I'm in high performance Right now and from that fan curve it Actually UPS the TDP if you want a low Powered system go to balanced you're Going to get a TDP of around 30 Watts But with it set up like this in high Performance mode if I run a stress test Here we can see this jumps up it's got a Burst of 60 watts and the TDP is kind of Really set at 45. not bad at all for the 6800h and I gotta say with the power Optimizations that they've done from the BIOS this performs just as well as some Of these other mini PCS with the 6800h Running at higher TD P's and we'll Definitely take a look at all of that in A second but I really do think they've Done a great job with this it's really Quiet even at that 45 watt TDP and of Course we can use a third-party Application to go up from there but I Didn't notice much of a performance gain You know going from 45 Watts up to 55 Watts using something like Apu tuning Utility So the first thing I wanted to do was Show off a few benchmarks that I ran on

This unit and first on the list we've Got geekbench 5 single core 1576 multi 9637 definitely on par with the other 6800 H mini PCS that we've seen or even Laptops so we're putting out some really Great performance for this being a Mobile chip Moving over to some GPU benchmarks with 3D Mark Knight raid coming in with a 25 756 and you know we're kind of limited Here by that 4 800 megahertz Ram we Could definitely up these synthetic Benchmark scores with some faster RAM And it would have been nice to be able To add you know 5600 megahertz RAM and Just swap it right in the Bios but Unfortunately we're kind of stuck at 4 800 megahertz and another thing is we're At the stock TDP remember we've got a Boost of 60 but overall we're going to Be running about 45 Watts fire strike is Looking pretty decent with a 6309 and the final one here is time spy With the 6657. now the highest score I've ever Been able to get out of the 680m is on a 6900 HX which does clock up a little Higher at 2400 megahertz instead of 22 But with that we were using 6000 Megahertz RAM and I scored a 3100 so We're really not that far off but again Faster Ram could definitely help out These mini PCS but these are synthetic Benchmarks and now it's time to see how

This thing can handle real world gaming And first up we've got Injustice 2 1080p Medium settings constant 60. I mean this Is looking great and to tell you the Truth I could probably take some of These settings up to High I don't think We can Max it out at high 60 FPS on this Chip but a high medium mix is totally in The realm of this thing these new 6000 Series chips with the 680m do a really Great job with fighting games at those Medium 1080p settings Street Fighter 5 Mortal Kombat 11 is going to run really Well Dirt 5 is one of those games I've kind Of come back to on these apus because We've had a lot of driver updates and Optimizations to the game in the past it Was so so even at 1080p low but now We're getting an average of around 70 FPS with this one Doom Eternal very well optimized game Been on the market for a while but I Still like testing it and I was really Impressed by the performance here 1080p Medium settings no Dynamic resolution Scale or any kind of scale going on Whatsoever we got an average of 94 FPS Out of this game You let Mom know I'll be like Spider-Man Miles Morales 720p low so this is really The only way I can get over 60 with it On these apus I mean basically anything That I've tested so far but if you don't

Mind running this at 45 FPS 1080p you Can do it at medium settings on a system Like this but in order to get over 60 Low with FSR set to Performance is Really the way to go and even then you Might get some dips under 60. God of War is another one I always like To test on these apus and it's looking Pretty decent here we're at 720p Original settings FSR set to Performance But we get those dips under 60. and it Really comes down to the GPU now on the CPU side of things we've got more than Enough power to run this and with faster Ddr5 Ram we could definitely get up There over 60 and keep it there but Since we're working with 4 800 megahertz In the pn53 this is kind of where it's At [Music] Cyberpunk 2077 720p steam deck preset With FSR set to Performance we get an Average of 68 FPS so we're right there On the edge with this game and I didn't Get any dips under 60 with this the way It's set up right now but it would have Been really nice to you know run this at At least 900p And the final one I wanted to test here Was Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. Always like running this built-in Benchmark just a lot going on kind of Gives us a really good idea of how the System is going to perform 1080p balance

Preset and I believe with the balance Preset FSR is set to Performance but we Got an average of 109 FPS and we only Got a low of 70. so it's really Trucking Through this game but I gotta admit I Mean they have done a great job with Optimizations in this game so far Overall given the form factor it's Performing absolutely amazingly but uh One other thing I like to take a look at Is total system power consumption so While I'm doing all of my tests this is Plugged into a kilowatt meter at idle We're only at around 13 Watts average Gaming 66 watts and when maxing out the GPU and CPU at the same time to 100 this Did pull 92 Watts from the wall kind of Surprising that it went up that high but We are working with an H variant Another thing I like to monitor are Average CPU temps and this actually has A really good cooling system it doesn't Get too loud now you could go into the BIOS and turn it to full speed and it Kind of sounds like a jet engine but on Average even while gaming not super loud Idle we're at around 41 degrees Celsius Average gaming 76 and in a 10 minute Cinebench stress test about six minutes Into it we hit 90 degrees Celsius so uh Yeah I mean it can get on up there but Under everyday normal use like a web Browsing video playback email checking And even gaming you're never going to

See those kind of temps out of this Thing First Impressions here I think Asus has Done a bang-up job with the pn53 expert Center and uh you know I'm not sure if They're going to just release the Regular pn53 which would come in at a Shorter form factor but with that we Wouldn't get as much I O and I think It's going to get a bit hotter and Louder so I'm kind of glad that we have This taller one here it's still an ultra Tiny PC and seeing the kind of Performance that these ryzen 6000 chips Can put out in such a small form factor Is just absolutely amazing and you know Down the road we're going to get even Better performance at a ryzen 7000 8 000 Whatever they're going to name it next But for now I do think this is a great Little mini PC with that 6800 H but That's going to wrap it up for this Video really appreciate you watching let Me know in the comments below what you Think about the performances things put Now and I have planned at least one more Video with this I do want to take a look At a little bit of emulation Linux and Egpu performance so I think I'm gonna Just mix it all up into one video so if You're interested in seeing that video Make sure you hit that subscribe button And think about turning notifications on So you know when I post the next one and

If you want to to learn more about the Asus pm53 expert Center I'll leave some Links to their website in the Description remember you can pick this Up fully configured or you can pick up a Bare Bones variant and we've got three To choose from there but that's it for This one and like always thanks for Watching

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