Arcade1Up Couchcade Hands-On Review, It’s A Cool Idea But…

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Foreign Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again today we're going To be taking a look at the arcade one up Couch gate now I actually had no plans To pick this up and you know it's been a While since we've taken a look at Anything arcade went up on the channel And really it comes down to space when They started initially releasing their Arcade cabinets I got my hands on a few Of them and kind of loaded my office Down but since then I've donated a bunch Of them to my local Boys and Girls Club And to tell you the truth I had no plans On picking this up I actually didn't Even know it existed until I took a trip To my local Target and noticed they had A few of these on the clearance shelf And I really couldn't beat the price now Uh straight off the bat retail on these Is a bit high for what you're getting But if you can pick this up on clearance For around 50 bucks then yeah it would Be worth getting but basically what we Have here is 10 pre-loaded arcade games They're fully licensed and we've got a Wireless control stick so this kind of Sits on your lap it's got kind of a Cushion on the bottom of it and yeah I Think it's actually a pretty cool idea Now if you're into these arcade games Then some something like this might be Worth picking up if it's on clearance

But like I mentioned retail is a bit Overpriced for what we're getting here And I completely understand that you Know they're licensing these games out And they got to pay them but inside of The Box you're going to get some user Manuals we'll also get the control stick Itself this is wireless and it takes Four double a batteries I actually Thought it was rechargeable we've also Got an HDMI cable and a micro USB cable To power up the console itself and on Here it does look like we have a micro SD card slot so by the end we're going To see if we can add some games here but I'm not sure if we can I haven't done Any research on this just yet overall I'm a huge Pac-Man fan just like a lot Of other people out there and I do like The design it's fake wood but it does Look pretty good I think they did a Really great job on the vinyl here and On the bottom like I mentioned it's got Kind of a cushion with that Pac-Man Design it's like a bean bag so this can Actually just sit right on your lap Because it is wireless and it looks like It kind of straps on here with some Velcro we've got a little LED indicator And another micro USB B input I guess we Could power this from the wall if we Needed to but over here on this side is Our battery compartment takes four AAA Batteries and I really did think that

This was also going to be rechargeable But you do have to add your own Batteries here But all the magic really happens on the Console itself and as you can see this Is the Pac-Man collection Edition round Back we've got micro USB to power the Unit Up full size HDMI and micro SD not Sure if this is for firmware updates or If there's any kind of hack that we can Use just yet but by the end of the video We will test out what's out there now And I also want to do a tear down Because I'm actually interested to see What CPU this is using But let's go ahead and test this thing Out I've got HDMI and power plugged in I've already turned the unit on takes The second to boot up I think that that arcade one up intro And it should bring us right to the game Selection menu and there it is so we've Got 10 arcade games to choose from here They're fully licensed Pac-Man pac-mania Mapping new rally ax Rolling Thunder Dig Dug 2 gallica 88 galaxian and Galaga so We've got a pretty decent collection of Arcade games and all of these are going To work great with our stick layout here And we can have one or two players and We'll kind of pass this stick off while You're sitting on the couch and right on The front of the HDMI console itself We've got this little button here it'll

Bring us into the menu for each game and This is going to be different for each One some of these will have like border Settings some of them don't with some of Them you can change the difficulty and How many lives you start with but yeah It's pretty cool to see a couple Settings here that we can mess around With with each of these games So overall I do like the interface very Easy to navigate so you know if you Wanted your kids to play this it Shouldn't be an issue gives us the Controller layout for each game when we Start it up and we'll press one player Here to get right into it and just Judging by the bezels I think this is Running at about 720p not bad at all for These arcade games but the borders could Be a bit sharper I think they could have Used a higher resolution image for each Of these it's not horrible but it's not Really sharp like it should be So for the selection of arcade games we Have here it really doesn't take a lot To run these at full speed uh the Joystick isn't bad at all I can move Through here no problem definitely get Away from these ghosts pretty easily but Yeah I mean it doesn't need a ton of Power so they could have used a very low CPU here to kind of uh you know save Costs we will do a tear down by the end But yeah Pac-Man totally playable here I

Want to move over to a couple more and Just check them out but uh let's see if We can get through this real quick I Doubt it now I'm gonna get got right now But to exit a game what we're going to Do here is hold that first player button Down for five seconds it'll exit the Game if you hold the two player button Down for five seconds it'll actually Reset the game But it brings us right back into the Menu and we can play something else so We're gonna go with Mappy here [Music] [Music] Next up we've got Dig Dug 2 was never a Huge fan of number two always loved Number one but we also have that one to Choose from here and yeah this plays Great Foreign [Music] X so I definitely had to test it out It's actually really easy to navigate With the stick they chose to use here [Music] And finally here for the testing Galaga 88 I didn't go through all of the games But yeah I mean everything that I tested So far works fine uh we've got more than Enough power with this little CPU to run Each one of these and the stick combo With the buttons isn't bad it's not Sanwa or hap or anything like that but

It works out great for these older Arcade games So obviously since we have a micro SD Card slot the big hope would be that we Could add games to this pretty easily Now I've done a little bit of research And there is a YouTuber who goes by the Name retro Zoltan I'll leave a link to His YouTube channel in the description Now he's actually managed to get games On their other consoles that are Basically the same but they've got Wireless controllers I believe he did it With the Mega Man version and he was Actually able to add GBA NES and even Sega CD so see in that video I got Really excited but uh turns out he's Actually got his hands on one of these Couch Cades and unfortunately the method He used to get games on the other Consoles will not work on this I think They've blocked it so unfortunately at The time of making this video I Personally haven't found any way to get Games on this but if you do know a Method let me know in the comments below Now the last thing I wanted to do here Was just see what CPU this is running in Case in the future we do get a hack for This we kind of got an idea of what can Run on this and obviously since retro Zoltan got Sega CD running on the other One I'm pretty sure that's what we'd be Able to go up to on this but uh then

Again you got to think about it we've Got this arcade stick here and I Personally haven't found a way to pair Any other controller with this console Yet but after pulling the tin Shield off It looks like we've got a rock chip RK 3032 now unfortunately I can't find a Data sheet or a proper data sheet on This but I'm leaning towards a dual core Cortex A9 CPU at around 1 gigahertz with A Mali 400 GPU I mean not a super Powerful unit this was actually released In about 2018 and it does seem like Sega CD would probably be the highest that we Could go on something like this if we Could get a mod for this little unit but Taking a look at the retail price of the Couch Cade it's coming in at around 150 Dollars everywhere I've seen and I think They did list this on QVC for around 130. you could pick up a more powerful Cheaper Android TV box for around 25 Bucks and the CPU in that would run Circles around this RK 3032 2. So overall I do think it's a pretty cool Idea and if you've got people over all The time it'd be nice to have something Like this that you can kind of pass Around or if you've got kids and you Don't want to play in fortnite I'd say Playing Pac-Man would be your best bet But at 150 I personally don't think it's Worth it now as a lot of us already know Walmart does clearance out a lot of this

Arcade went up stuff I believe it was The end of 2021 I saw some 50 cabs at my Local Walmart and I was really thinking About picking at least one more up but It's just really a matter of having the Room for another arcade cabinet in the Office and I just kind of ended up just Leaving it there but you know these are A lot smaller you can store these under Your coffee table and if you can find These clearance for around 50 to 60 Bucks then it might be a cool little Thing to pick up but that's going to Wrap it up for this video I really Appreciate you watching if you know of a Mod for this specific unit please let me Know in the comments below it'd be Really cool to add some more arcade Games here or Game Boy Advance I could Definitely get away with playing some GBA games with just this arcade stick And really not have an issue with it There was hundreds and hundreds of games Released so I could definitely find Something that would be fun to play with This stick if you're interested in Learning a little more about the couch K And I'll leave some links in the Description and like always thanks for Watching

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