Amazing Steam Deck Feature!

Last Updated on January 22, 2023 by Detective Dev

So these new mobile PC gaming consoles Are amazing the moment I set up this Device and I was launched into Steam OS And had access to all my games in the Steam Library it was just a different Experience than loading up Windows Installing steam separately installing with this I log in I'm ready To go I don't have to think about Anything else the beauty of this device Is the way it functions let me give you An example okay you're playing a game And you're done playing let's say you're Halfway through it you want to take a Break you want to go eat breakfast Whatever it is all you do is you push The power button on the top and it Freezes exactly where you are but the Thing is when you load it back up you're Exactly where you left off and the Battery is still there the one advantage That valve has over everybody else is The software experience I know you can Port Steam OS on those devices as well But this has been fine-tuned correctly

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