Alienware X16 & Alienware X14 – They Look Incredible!

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So Dallas gaming lineup for 2023 looks Very interesting I'm a huge fan of the G Series now especially with those brand New colored designs I think they look Very clean it looks classy the fact that They're actually gaming laptops I think A lot of people are going to be very Impressed with the look of these things Because most gaming laptops are kind of Aggressive these are taking the opposite Approach they're actually making gaming Laptops look a lot of fun but today We're here to talk about the Alienware X14 and the x16 I have a love hate Relationship with the x14 I always Thought it was one of the most unique Looking 14-inch premium notebooks you Can buy but I always felt it was Overpriced for the type of specs that You got inside of it now granted this Year they're obviously increasing the Specs they're adding a few new things But overall from a design standpoint It's pretty much the exact same laptop As last year it's still using a CNC Aluminum chassis instead of having a 14 Over here this is last year's model Obviously they're placing an X and it's Still going to weigh around 4.95 pounds It's not the lightest 14 inch notebook But definitely one of the most unique Designs now the port lineup is going to Be identical to last year so two type c Ports so one of them is Thunderbolt four

The other one is not you have a micro SD Card slot USB 3.2 gen 1 HDMI 2.1 combo Jack for audio and of course it's going To be using a 130 watt Tower brick via USB type-c now the big difference Between the x14 and the x16 besides the Size is that you do get a couple of Additional ports with the x16 the x16 is Gonna have its own power connector Port That's going to have an additional USB Type-c port and an extra USB 3.2 gen 1 Port besides that the design is going to Be very identical it's just going to Look like a bigger version of the x14 But you do get a lot more RGB there's Going to be RGB around the rim over here That you can completely customize you're Going to have RGB on the keyboard which Is going to be using micro LED so you Can customize each key to whatever you Want and the touch pad on the x16 can be Changed to different colors now the one Thing I've always appreciated about the X14 is its build quality like this hinge Is nice and stiff the actual laptop Feels like a Dell XPS 15 merged with a Gaming laptop so it feels solid overall The keyboard deck is going to be Identical to the previous model but the Shaping around the edges will be a Little bit more standard like you're Going to have lines over here and more Of a honeycomb shape at the top of Course the keyboard will be RGB and you

Can customize it to whatever you want But the difference is with the x14 the Travel distance is only 1.2 millimeters If you've typed on a Dell XPS 15 or 17 That's exactly how the x14 is going to Feel like in 2023 the touchpad is a Little wide but it's very very tiny Because of this chassis I will say Though with the x16 you're getting a Better keyboard 1.8 millimeters of Travel distance and its actual Mechanical like you can type on it You're gonna get that clicky sound it's Going to be be much better for gaming Now the x16 is obviously heavier it's Over six pounds it's a bigger laptop It's obviously going to be geared Towards someone who wants a bigger Display for gaming but even potentially Content creators but the one thing That's very interesting is that they're Moving the Alienware line up at least The x14 to a 16 by 10 display last Year's model was 16×9 and I think by Moving up to that 16 by 10 aspect ratio Especially on a 14-inch laptop it's just Gonna make the display feel a bit bigger You're going to get a 1080p webcam it's Going to support Windows hello using Facial recognition this goes for both Models and you finally have the option To spec it with QHD there's a few Different versions of it all of them Support g-sync this goes for the x16 as

Well but you can either spec it with QHD Or full HD there's options for 240 hertz I think there's a full HD option that Goes over 400 Hertz or you can get it With a QHD panel at supports up to 165 Hertz there is no mini LED option on Either of these laptops which seems to Be kind of a Miss since its competitors Are starting to use mini LED in their Lineup so here's my issue with the x14 I Think it's going to be the same problem We had last year for the price you could Only push this thing so far in terms of Specifications especially when you Compare it to the competition like you Can only buy this with an i5 13 420h or An i7 13620h this version of the i7 processor Has less cores than the regular i7 13700h you're getting 10 cores instead Of 14. so the same amount of performance Cores but the efficiency cores are being Slashed in half you can still pair this With an Nvidia 40 series GPU you can buy It with a 4050 or a 4060 which will both Run at 85 Watts but they even still Offer an RTX 3050 which will run at 45 Watts now granted if you do buy the Alienware x16 you're obviously going to Get more powerful options you can still Get it with a 13620h but you do have Access to the i7 13700h and the I9 13900 HK which both have 14 cores to be Utilized now if you do go with the RTX

4050 4060 or 4070 with the x16 that will Run at 140 Watts but if you go with the 4080 or 40 90 that's going to run at 175 Watts now granted I do like the fact That the x16 is coming with a gan Charger so if you do buy the 40 50 to 40 70 you're going to get a 240 watt power Brick it's going to be smaller than most Power bricks because it's using Gan Technology but if you do opt for the 4080 or 40 90 that charging brick is Going to be a bit bigger at 330 Watts The other thing to look out for is Actual sound quality now both laptops Come with Dolby Atmos that's standard But you do get more speakers on the x16 Six speakers to be utilized with two Tweeters that are upward facing now Performance is really hard to determine On the x14 but it's obviously going to Be slower than the upcoming G14 or other 14 inch gaming laptops but I will say That the x16 will be able to hold its Own these new Intel CPUs will be getting A nice performance bump compared to last Year as I mentioned in previous videos You're looking at a 10 to 12 single core Clock speed Improvement and anywhere From a 30 to 40 percent multi-core speed Improvement it really comes down to the Type of applications you're using but it Will give the GPU more Headroom when You're pushing all these demanding Titles now the ACT 16 is interesting

Because it's not using an HX processor So it's not going to be able to compete With the Razer Blade 16 in terms of CPU Performance but the GPS on the other Hand are running at the exact same tgp Now I don't know what thermals and heat Management is going to be like on these Laptops but I'm expecting an x14 to Perform identical to the previous model It's still going to be using a vapor Chamber plus a smart fan to cool the Components the x16 on the other hand Doesn't use a vapor chamber for the GPU Option that are below a 4080 so if you Buy the 4080 or 40 90 version of it you Will get a vapor chamber cooling Solution now granted none of these Laptops have upgradable RAM and this is Kind of very very disappointing because I think at least the x16 should this is A bigger laptop people are going to be Keeping these things for a very long Time an upgradable Ram ensures that they Can be using it for longer both of these Products will have element 31 which is Alienware's version of liquid metal on Both the CPU and GPU but the battery Life is going to be a bit different with The Alienware x14 you're using an 80 Watt hour battery whereas the x16 gets The bigger 90 watt hour battery not so Much the legal limit of 99 but it's Pretty close and I think for a thin and Light laptop like that that's probably

The most they could squeeze inside so Here's the thing I'm happy that Alienware now has an x16 version of Their x14 because you know there's a sea Of thin and light gaming notebooks and This design has always been one of my Favorite but the problem is I think They're going to have the same issue They did with last year's x14 and that's Trying to justify the cost when Performance on its competitors are more For a price that's usually lower like Don't get me wrong these are beautiful And they're light and they look great But at the end of the day people want The best value and I feel like the G14 Or even the M16 are going to offer a bit More for a lower price point either way I'm going to save my full judgment for The full review so make sure you Subscribe to see that like the video if You liked it subscribe if you haven't Already and I'll see you guys in the Next one

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