Airplanes will soon have Free Wifi! #shorts

Last Updated on February 6, 2023 by Detective Dev

[Applause] Arm has been planted That's probably something you don't want To hear on your nice and quiet airplane Ride unfortunately that's what awaits Us In the near future because a lot of Airlines are going to be offering free Wi-Fi except JetBlue because JetBlue Sucks starting this February Delta is Switching on free Wi-Fi on most of his Domestic Fleet and by the end of 2023 It's planning to go full Starbucks mode With over 700 planes this could Potentially trigger other airlines to do The same to use the Wi-Fi you'll need to Sign up to the Delta Sky miles program Which is also free now the million Dollar question is is it even going to Be fast enough or heck even usable it Will allegedly have video streaming Capable speeds from takeoff to touchdown With no session limits this means that You should be able to binge watch some Rick and Morty and even play multiplayer Games as long as you're not playing CS Go with your speakers on Has been

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