AI Can fix your hair #shorts

Last Updated on February 15, 2023 by Detective Dev

AI just might have found a way to fix Your hair you heard that right Apparently there's a company called Rovella that uses bioengineering and AI To analyze millions of undiscovered Molecules and find new ingredients for Hair Care the very first discovery from Their AI is a molecule called Pro Cellinol that should allegedly Target Hair follicles directly it is reportedly Composed of natural components found in Mushrooms and mustard plants huh I Wonder how that would taste naturally It's not supposed to grow hair out of Thin air or your skull in this case but They do advertise it as jump starting Your Dorman hair roots to support growth That's right KSI and Jake Paul looks Like there is still hope for you guys When will AI find a way to stop my pubes From growing Obviously I'm not a medical professional Nor am I recommending a product here but I just find it fascinating that Tech has Found its way in almost every possible Industry and now

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