AetherSX2 Is Dead, Development Stops On The Best PS2 EMU For Android!

Last Updated on January 9, 2023 by Detective Dev

Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again this is going to Be a quick one but we've got some sad News when it comes to the emulation Community as a lot of us already know Ether sx2 is hands down the best PS2 Emulator when it comes to Android I mean This kind of came to us out of the blue From a developer named towerth there's No in-app purchases there's no ads and One of my favorite things about the app Is we actually don't even have to Grant Any permissions when it comes to this on Our Android device but unfortunately Having an absolutely amazing PS2 Emulator on Android with no ads no In-app purchases no malicious malware or Anything like that isn't enough for a Lot of people in the developer towerth Has been dealing with a lot of hate Online so unfortunately we head over to The Ether sx2 website development is Indefinitely suspended now this is super Sad because like I mentioned I mean this Is the go to PS2 emulator now the way it Is right now it's still available on Google Play you can actually head over Here and download it or you can go to Their archive page where their downloads Page on website but the Main page here has everything we need to Know about why development of ether sx2 Was indefinitely suspended due to the Never-ending impersonating complaints

Demands and now unaliving threats the Developers done everything you need to Know is right here it's super Unfortunate that there's a community out There that's kind of this toxic with an App this awesome free new in-app Purchases no malware or anything like That and it was always meant to be a fun Hobby for the developer and it wasn't Profit driven so the developer you know Isn't having fun developing this Application anymore so they're done and Like I mentioned I don't blame them I Completely understand but it's really Unfortunate that there's a bunch of People out there that are going to kind Of do this to a developer who's given us One of the best PS2 emulators ever for Android and on top of that totally free Like I mentioned you can still download The latest build from Google Play it's Just not going to be updated anymore or If you want to head over to the ethersx 2 website you can go to their download Archive and from here they've got the Uwp version old releases desktop which Is actually only for arms so if you've Got a Windows ARM device a Mac with an M1 M2 or a higher chip or even a Linux SBC running something like Ubuntu you Can download this build here and start It right up on that device and the Android apks but uh keep in mind this Isn't going to be updated anymore and

It's not like somebody can just pick up The reins with ether sx2 because a part Of it was closed source so we've got the Pcsx2 side of things and you know a lot Of this might look familiar if you've Been using pcsx2 on PC but the Android Development side of things you know Getting everything up and running on Android is closed Source it's not an Open source deal that was posted on GitHub or anything like that so you know As long as towel risk done the emulator Is going to stay exactly where it is I Mean we're not going to get any further Development from this and it's super Unfortunate because this is such an Awesome emulator but that's going to Wrap it up for this one I figured I'd go Ahead and make a quick one because I Know there's still a lot of people out There that haven't heard anything about This I will leave links to ethers x2's Website in the description and if Anything comes to light I will post it On my community section but let me know Your thoughts in the comments below and Like always thanks for watching

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