Acer Predator Helios 16 & 18 – New Design, Bigger Display!

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Another day another laptop announcement Acer just announced their lineup at CES 2023 and there's a lot but I want to Specifically focus on the Predator Helio 16 and the Acer Predator Helios 18. Because I think these two laptops are Interesting because insert is Redesigning the chassis of the 16-inch Model and also using it on the brand new 18-inch version now granted they're Obviously taking a playbook out of Lenovo's page or alienware's Page by Placing a lot of the ports on the back Of the laptop this is a good idea I mean It works we've seen Legion laptops They're very well cooled the performance Is fantastic and when you have that Extra space at the back it just gives These manufacturers a bit more room to Play with I also think the look and the Design of the laptop is actually nice You know Acer is slowly getting away From that aggressive gaming design and Keeping things fairly clean now there is A bit of RGB at the back which is not That intrusive and quite frankly if you Don't like you can turn it off but I do Think it gives the laptop some character And kind of gives it its own Flavor now I like having the ports on the back by Having the ports on the back it just Keeps things away from your desk or Cables away from your desk if you have This thing plugged in all the time and

There's tons of i o to go along with it For example the power connectors on the Back they will be including a 330 watt Power brick in the box that's like a Chunky thing and if you buy the 16 inch Version of the laptop you're looking at A laptop that weighs around six pounds Especially if you buy the version with a Mini LED display if you go for the 18 Inch model it's going to weigh closer to Seven pounds so these things are going To be quite heavy you also have an HDMI 2.1 port and then of course you have two Times Thunderbolt four ports on the left Hand side on both laptops there'll be an RJ45 Port I'm guessing 2.5 gigabits USB A 3.2 Port micro SD card slot audio Combo Jack and then on the right hand Side you're gonna have an additional two USB a ports now both of these laptops Will have the exact same ports Regardless if you go for the 16 or 18 Inch version the only difference is will Come down to the keyboard deck size it Looks like we get a slightly bigger Touchpad on the 18 inch version and on Obviously because the chassis is bigger I'm expecting the 18 inch model to offer Better cooling overall displays are Going to be absolutely gorgeous Regardless of whether you go for the 16 Or the 18 version you have the option to Spec either model with a midi LED Display and if you want to save a few

Bucks you can drop that down to IPS There's a 240 hertz version 165 Hertz Version but granted there's no more 1080p all of these laptops will come Standard with a QHD plus display it's Not 16×9 but it's 16 by 10 so you have That additional vertical space which Gives you the best of both worlds Between gaming and productivity now I'm Obviously excited for the LED version in Fact you're going to see a lot of Laptops coming out this year using a Mini LED display it's going to be able To achieve Peak brightnesses over 1100 Nits and you're also just going to get Impeccable black levels you're going to Get more vibrancy and of course HDR is Going to look incredible it just makes a Big difference in some of the games that We're used to playing now the keyboards Are kind of interesting it's hard to Tell but but it looks like Acer sticking With those rubber keys but they are Adding mini LED key backlighting and It's going to be per key RGB both of These laptops will come with a numeric Keypad of course they'll continue the Tradition of including a turbo button on The top left corner of the laptop that Will allow you to easily switch between Different profiles now I don't know what Type of webcams in here it's probably 720p because if it was 1080p they would List it on their marketing materials but

You will get two external speakers They're going to be bottom facing They're probably not going to be Sounding that great just because it's Acer and they never take external sound Seriously but what should be epic is the Actual performance you can expect the 16 Or 18 inch version with an I9 13900 HX Or an i7 13700 HX processor this has a Higher base clock speed of 55 watts Compared to last year's 8 series Processor that was inside the 12900h of The Helio 16. now you can buy this with Up to 32 gigabytes of ddr5 RAM but I'm Assuming you can upgrade it to 64 if you Purchase your own kit this will have the Opportunity to buy with an Nvidia 40 Series card I don't know the exact ones That will be paired with this but I'm Guessing for the price point of 1649 and 16.99 you're probably going to get a 40 60. that's probably where it's going to Start and go all the way up to a 40 90 Depending on the price point could you Imagine they released this laptop with a 40 50 for 16.49 that would be terrible 1649 is in line last year's model using A 30 60. so it looks like they're not Raising prices too much you will have a Very fast nvme SSD with the potential to Put it into raid 0. now the overall Performance will be very nice most of That performance will come from the Nvidia gpus because this year's 40

Series has a huge uplift compared to any Previous generation the Intel processor Will provide up to about 10 percent Increase in single core clock speeds and Anywhere from 30 to 40 percent in terms Of multi-core speed so overall expect a 10 to 12 percent uplift in gaming due to The CPU and and then the rest will be Because of the actual GPU now I don't Know what battery life is going to be Like but based on Intel and how hot how Much heat these things produce it's Going to be very similar to the previous Year anywhere from like three to four Hours doing General productivity Probably an hour to an hour and a half If you're just doing regular gaming the Battery size is going to be 90 watt Hours so it's not the legal limit of 99 But it's still a fairly big battery Which you kind of need in these laptops Is there's just so much performance Being sucked out of it obviously you can Use the type C ports to charge it up to 100 Watts but you'll still be able to Upgrade most of the stuff Ram will be Upgradable mvmb SSD will be upgradable Hopefully the Wi-Fi card will be Upgradable this is using Wi-Fi 6E There's no Vapor chamber which is kind Of disappointing they are using Vector Heat pipes there is 5th gen aeroblade Fans but it still doesn't compare to a Good Vapor chamber cooler now the only

Reason to go for the 18 inch version is For better cooling because it's in a Bigger chassis and obviously the bigger Display personally I I'm really excited About 18 inch laptops not so much for a Traveling format but for more of a Desktop replacement having a bigger 18 Inch display is just so much better for Actual gaming and I'm also glad they're Transitioning away from 15-inch laptops Giving us 16 inch versions with 16×10 Displays because it's truly The Best of Both Worlds now these laptops will be Coming out in March so stay tuned for That I will be reviewing that so make Sure you subscribe to the channel Obviously between now and then if you Have any questions I'll try to answer Them just drop them in the comment Section down below more CES coverage Coming out make sure you're tuned in for That like the video if you liked it and I'll see you guys in the next one

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