A Rare iPhone Environmental W

Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by Detective Dev

So if you have an iPhone in the US you May have noticed that on the latest 16.3.1 update Apple flipped a switch on Everyone's phones that makes charging Slower is what some of the headlines Would say but the real story is actually Really interesting so if you look now in Battery health settings there's a new Setting called clean energy charging and What it does is it tries to reduce your Carbon footprint by only charging when Your house is likely to be pulling from Cleaner sources of energy based on your Local electrical grid that is kind of Wild luckily you can override it you'll Get a notification that says it's not Charging and waiting for clean energy You can bypass it but the interesting Thing about this one is this setting is Opt out meaning if you go to check your Settings it's going to be on by default Now you know charging your one iPhone at Slightly more optimized hours won't make A big difference to your own personal Carbon footprint but Apple flipping a Switch for millions and millions of IPhones at once will probably in total Make a really big difference to total Energy saved a rare W for the Environment I also can guarantee this Would be in a slide at the next Apple Keynote

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