A Handheld With Dedicated Graphics & Ryzen 7000! AYANEO Has New Device’s On The Way

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Foreign Hey what's going on everybody it's ETA Prime back here again we got some really Awesome news from Aya Neo recently over On our YouTube channel they uh kind of Held a press conference for upcoming Devices in 2023 and we gotta look at Some really awesome stuff that they've Been working on in this video I kind of Want to go over some of the stuff Because I'm looking forward to a few of These devices that are going to be Releasing this year especially the Aya Neo next too I mean this thing looks Absolutely amazing and with this one We're going to be getting discrete Graphics now there's no word if they're Going to be using AMD or Nvidia discrete Graphics but we'll talk about this one In a bit uh it's going to offer a lot Better GPU performance than we've been Seeing out of these internal Graphics But they also announced some other stuff That I want to go over real quick and I Also want to mention if you want to Check out that press conference I'll Leave a link to their YouTube channel in The description along with their Twitter So you can check everything out but Let's go ahead and get into what they've Announced and first on the list here is The Aya Neo air plus now this is coming In a bit bigger than the eye Neo air or The eye Neo Air Pro and we've got three

Different CPU options we can go with an AMD Mendocino chip a 12th gen Intel core I3 chip or the ryzen 76800u starting Price on this is going to be 300 and There are some differences when you Compare it to the ineo air or the air Pro we've got a six inch IPS display Instead of an OLED display coming in at 5.5 inches a 46.2 watt hour battery we Also get their x-axis motor so we've got Those nice haptics built in here and Usb4 so on paper all three of the chips The Mendocino the 12th gen I3 and the 6800u can support usb4 that way we get Kind of a thunderbolt interface there I'm not exactly sure if all three skus Are going to have usb4 but it would be Really nice to even have it on the Lowest end model coming in at 300 that Way we could add an external GPU there And up the performance in desk Top Mode The design here is very reminiscent of The ineo air or the pro but it is coming In a bit larger it did show off kind of A comparison here and it's a bit longer I mean not by much at all but they did Have to accommodate the extra six inch Display now it's not OLED so they can Keep the price down with a nice 1080p IPS and I'll tell you the one I'm Looking forward to is the 12th gen I3 Version I've done some testing on the Channel with emulation when it comes to That newer I3 and it performs absolutely

Amazingly at 18 Watts we can run Nintendo switch now at those higher tdps That we need to run the 6800u at the I3 Really isn't going to stand a chance When it comes to PC gaming but for Emulation I think this is a great sweet Spot if they can keep the price down I'd Say this is the one to get for emulation Moving over to one of their next major Announcements the Aya Neo slide now we Saw this in 2022 and a lot of people got Really hyped about this including myself But they've added on to this and it's Definitely looking like a very Compelling handheld if you want a Built-in qwerty keyboard so we'll have a Little bit of tilt functionality to the Screen so we can angle it up a bit this Is actually pretty cool for sitting in Different positions but I'd say one of The most surprising things they Announced about the eye and Neo slide is The CPU is actually going to be ryzen 7000. the specific Apu model they're Going to be using in this wasn't Announced but it'd be really nice if it Was one of the unannounced ryzen 7 740us That has Zen 4 cores and rdna3 Graphics But you know they could go with Something that still has Zen 3 plus Cores and rdna2 Graphics in this and Would still make a really great little Handheld AMD recently announced a Plethora of new 7000 chips and some of

Them with Graphics as far back as Vega For some odd reason I guess just to save On cost but up to our dna3 so we'll Really have to wait and see exactly what They're going to be using in this but Hopefully it's at least our DNA 2 Graphics with Zen 3 plus cores given What Aya Neo has been doing for the last Few years with their handhelds I'd say One of the most interesting Announcements here was the pocket air so We know Aya Neo does release some Awesome x86 handhelds but they haven't Tackled arm yet until now with the Pocket air this is going to be an Android based handheld 5.5 inch OLED Display they haven't announced what chip It's going to be using but uh eye and Neo knows what the customer wants we're Going to need a lot of power in this Little handheld given that it's going to Be running Android and it's definitely Going to be focused on retro gaming and I'd say if they can keep the price down Compared to the competitors and still Keep that build quality up that we've Seen with their other handhelds on the Market this would be a winning little Combination but again they have to get That price right because if they're Releasing 300 x86 handhelds be it the New ieneo Air plus then they have to Keep this way under that and I'd say one 99 would probably be about the max that

A lot of people will want to pay for an Arm-based handheld but as soon as they Release some more information then a lot Of people can make their mind up it Really depends on what CPU this is using If they go with like a Snapdragon 888 or A gen 1 at 200 bucks then yeah that Would be awesome but I don't know if They could hit that price point right Now the way the market is either way Kind of excited to see what they do with This but uh the last thing they Announced here was actually really Mind-blowing the ion Neo next 2. so We've got the Neo air and the Neo Pro With the 5.5 inch OLED we're talking About x86 right now the air plus and the Slide with a six inch the eye and neo2 And the ineo geek with a 7-inch IPS and The next two is going to come in with an 8 plus inch IPS plus we get discrete Graphics in a handheld So these are some of the first Renderings they have and it does look Very reminiscent of another very popular Handheld on the market as you can see We've got track pads on the next two Which is going to make it really easy to Navigate the operating system next gen 7000 series CPU eight plus inch display And discrete laptop Graphics they showed Off a couple different renders with a Few different colors we've got kind of a Bluish which looks pretty good they've

Also got the black And I hope this comes to fruition but They showed off a purple version which Is the one that I would definitely want To get my hands on huge fan of this Color here I think it looks really good Now like I mentioned in the beginning They didn't say exactly what discrete Graphics we're getting but there's a lot On the market right now and there's more Coming so Nvidia just announced their 4000 series laptop chips along with AMD Announcing their 7000 series rdna 3 Laptop chips but even if they were to go With something like the 3050 a laptop Variant this would be a super powerful Handheld it would be everything else on The market but I got a feeling that They're either gonna go with a 4000 Series Nvidia or 7000 series AMD now Again even if they went with the lowest In skus that they're going to be Offering through those variants then uh We'd see a tremendous increase in GPU Performance on a handheld gaming device I mean having discrete graphics is Something we've been definitely wanting On these devices but when it comes down To it battery life is going to play a Big role in this so have to wait and see What Aya comes up with but I think these Are some really awesome announcements And I can't wait to check these out in Real life obviously super excited about

The eye and Neo slide I'm kind of glad To see that they're getting into the arm Market they do make some really Beautiful top-notch handhelds so having An arm variant of an eye device running Android would be pretty neat but yeah This eye and Neo next 2 is definitely Where it's at but we're just gonna have To wait and see what happens with it and As soon as I get some more information I Will keep you updated but that's going To wrap it up for this video really Appreciate you watching I'd love to know Your thoughts in the comments below Which one of these devices are you most Excited to see personally next to I mean Obviously the next two with discrete Graphics something we haven't seen Before but uh for the lower end stuff I'm very interested in the pocket air I Can't wait to see what that device is About if you have any questions let us Know down below like always thanks for Watching

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