$50,000 Racing Simulator Setup #shorts

Last Updated on March 2, 2023 by Detective Dev

What can you do with fifty thousand Dollars get a Tesla a bunch of pixels And see us go or or hear me out spend it On a crazy racing simulator Provo drive Has created the ultimate racing SIM for Elon Musk or for the Filthy Rich the Floating cockpit is made entirely from Carbon fiber and it sits inside a gloss Black Beechwood housing in other words a Rich man's toy that doubles as a pretty Cool piece of furniture this thing Features a 5k 49 inch curved monitor With a 165 Hertz refresh rate and it Comes with its own bespoke computer and A Seto Corsa pre-installed it also Includes a 12 gigabyte RTX GPU but which One exactly and what the performance is Like we sadly don't know considering all The crazy features do you guys think It's actually worth the 50 000

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