4 Ways AI Can Save Microsoft!

Last Updated on January 20, 2023 by Detective Dev

So not a lot of people know this but Back in 2019 Microsoft invested a Billion dollars in open AI this is the Company that made Dolly the AI art Generator and chat GPT the AI chatbot We've been seeing everywhere now there's Rumors that they're going to invest an Additional 10 billion dollars for a 49 Stake which you know sounds like boring Corporate and all that stuff but hear me Out AI across all of Microsoft's stuff It makes so much sense so Microsoft Word Could have built-in text generation to Help you write things and brainstorm Essays Microsoft Outlook could help you Write emails and find excuses to get out Of meetings Microsoft PowerPoint could Of course have Dali AI generated clipart But my favorite possibility and I swear Microsoft should actually do this bring Back clippy some of y'all might not be Old enough to remember clippy but clippy Was this paperclip virtual assistant That would pop up in Microsoft apps and Try to help you out it was kind of Low-key annoying but bring back clippy With all the smarts of chat GPT and Maybe you can even generate some images Too dude Microsoft there's no reason not To and we'll forget Cortana ever existed

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