3 iPhone Super Useful Hidden Features!

Last Updated on December 13, 2022 by Detective Dev

All right here's three productivity Themed iPhone features you probably Didn't know about so first normally when You want to select a few things on an Apple app you hit edit and then select a Few things one at a time but in any of These you can just two-finger drag Select to pick as many things as you Want or unselect so that goes for memos Files messages and even Apple notes but Speaking of notes you probably use this App for just writing stuff dying you Want to remember but if it's just text In front of you hit the camera icon and There's a scanned text feature which Will look at any text in front of you And instantly translate it into typed Characters super useful for grabbing a Quick business card or something like That but then my personal favorite is Called back tap so it's in settings Accessibility touch and then scroll down To back tap and it's exactly what it Sounds like you can map things to a Double tap or triple tap of the back of The phone so it's like adding an extra Button you can double tap to launch the Flashlight or triple tap for the camera Since the iPhone doesn't do a power Button shortcut like every other phone You're welcome

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