100X Zoom in Phones Leveled Up This Year!

Last Updated on December 23, 2022 by Detective Dev

Okay so the iPhone 13 and 14 Pros has a 3X telephoto camera right so the Absolute Max that you can zoom in on This phone is 15x total Zoom it looks Okay but Apple's definitely betting you Won't really want to do much more than That so then you've got Samsung and the Space zoom in their Ultra phones so this Is the Galaxy s22 Ultra with two Telephoto cameras so you can zoom to 3x 10x 30X or go straight to 100x now I Don't know what you're going to do with This sort of reach but it is Surprisingly stable and once you snap The photo and then go to look at it it Processes and snaps into focus and you Get a lot of usable detail I mean it's Not a great shot by any means but Samsung is hoping you'll find this Useful I personally hardly ever use Space Zoom but the truth is they keep Leveling it up every year the first Version of this two years ago was pretty Bad but here we are tax and body who Does Zoom all the way in on their phone

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