🔥I upgraded the chair in my setup! 🔥 – Herman Miller Vantum #shorts

Last Updated on March 16, 2023 by Detective Dev

So I'm sure most of you guys have Probably seen this chair in the Background of my videos well I've been Secretly using it for over three months Now this is the new Herman Miller Bantam Gaming chair and it's honestly the most Comfortable chair I have sat in being 6'2 sometimes is a curse because most Chairs are really small for me and don't Offer head support luckily the Phantom Does I can adjust the tension of the Lumbar support using a knob on the Bottom of the chair and there's one more On the other side to help adjust the Tension for leaning back they currently Offer the chair in both black on red and White on black which is the one I'm Rocking with my setup and all Herman Miller chairs come with a ridiculous 12-year warranty if you guys want to Check it out I'll drop a link below

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